Joe Stanganelli 1/25/2017 | 6:53:10 PM
Re: Unsurprising It also depends which talking heads you listen to.

The echo chamber, of course, has been demonizing anybody and everybody even remotely connected with catchy BuzzFeed-style headlines.

(Jeff Sessions comes to mind re: both sides of the coin here.)
Joe Stanganelli 1/25/2017 | 6:50:27 PM
Re: Unsurprising @Alan: I think those on the other side of the aisle are simply already so fervently fired up about any and all things Trump Administration that Pai is being attacked far more than if another Republican President had given him this appointment.

Of course, Net Neutrality is also one of those issues where the people on one particular side are very loud indeed.
chuckj 1/24/2017 | 7:44:19 PM
FANG's free store is history Looking forward that the pay their fair share to keep their store fronts open...
brooks7 1/24/2017 | 6:22:43 PM
Re: Unsurprising Alan,

I haven't really paid attention to any of them and am basically without opinion.  It is hard (after a time) to assume they are all bad.  I never expect the opposition to have much good to say about the other side anymore.  That has gone by the wayside, where we could have a Tip O'Neil and Ronald Reagan working together to get legislation through.  Now we have demagogues setting the tone and people listen to their own news echo chambers.  

Where that leaves me is with no news organization that I can listen to.  At that point, I have to wait for actions.  I have disagreement with some of the early executive orders (I am for TPP) and agreement with others (the Pipelines being built).  I don't expect to agree with everything that every President or Cabinet Member does.


alanbreznick 1/24/2017 | 5:32:56 PM
Re: Unsurprising True, Seven. And I suspect there's a pretty good reason for that. Which ones do you think deserve praise from the talking heads? 
brooks7 1/24/2017 | 5:29:03 PM
Re: Unsurprising Alan,

They pretty much have not been this Presidential cycle.  I can't think of a single new cabinet nominee that got praise from the talking heads.


alanbreznick 1/24/2017 | 4:55:46 PM
Re: Just to Clarify... Arms dealer to both sides, eh? Nice business model, Gary. Sorry if I misinterreted your quote. It sue sounded like you were a net neutrality advocate and didn't like PAi's or Trump's posiytion on it. 
alanbreznick 1/24/2017 | 4:53:08 PM
Re: Unsurprising Yep, Joe. You're right. Hardly surprising at all. But it's notable that so many folks started criticizing Pai's choice right away. Usually, everyone, including critics, are gushier at first. 
iPassOne 1/24/2017 | 4:36:20 PM
Just to Clarify... Alan, thanks for the story; I appreciate the quote attributed to me.  But just to set the record straight, I was never a fan of net neutrality, and I'm delighted in the prospect of its repeal.  But that's a personal position.  More importantly, from a business perspective, iPass has customers and partners on both sides of the net neutrailty divide.  So whether it stays intact or is repealed, we don't expect to see an impact to our business.  Some will benefit, others will be disadvantged, and iPass continues to play on a level field - but with over 200 global WiFi network provider partners, we remain the Switzerland of Internet connectivity.  

Thanks again -

Gary Griffiths

CEO, iPass
Joe Stanganelli 1/24/2017 | 3:43:57 PM
Unsurprising As upset as some critics may be, Pai's appointment, FWIW, is hardly surprising.  Pai is a renowned free-market deregulationist -- and is much higher profile than fellow FCC Republican O'Rielly.  Trump's entire platform hinges on deregulation (at least from an intranational perspective).
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