msilbey 1/23/2017 | 2:33:44 PM
Re: FCC: Comcast Unparalleled in TV Distribution Yes, very true. But a lot of distribution dollars are still headed Comcast's way, meaning that many programmers that want to distribute content end up putting money in Comcast's pockets.

As a counterpoint, Facebook and Google are going to continue to get a huge amount of distribution money for other types of content. And that content is likely to start overlapping more with the programming Comcast distributes. There are certainly competitive forces, It's just that Comcast has done a good job of sewing up a lot of territory in the traditional TV market.
marjsdad 1/23/2017 | 1:24:13 PM
FCC: Comcast Unparalleled in TV Distribution Of course, Comcast and NBC are required to operate as separate businesses, and NBC is required to be a silent partner in Hulu. That's why all the other Hulu's owners finalized virtual MVPD negotiations with Hulu before talking to NBC. At this point, NBC has no other option than to accept terms dictated by Hulu. 
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