kq4ym 1/7/2017 | 5:12:12 PM
Re: Defracture It may be that the smaller operators can't yet justify letting loose of their current setup while to Rogers even multi-hundreds of millions in losses can be budgeted as in this case to go along with Comcast X1. The X1 marketing plan surely is keeping that brand in front of consumers at a steady pace as well.
msilbey 12/16/2016 | 2:56:57 PM
Re: Defracture I don't think the smaller operators will jump on the X1 bandwagon, at least not any time soon, but yes, there are limited options. That appears to be the price of a need for massive scale.
inkstainedwretch 12/16/2016 | 1:16:37 PM
Defracture One of the interesting things about cable over the decades is that cable operators have had so many options for how to implement different services and features. That was frequently a blessing -- if one solution was inappropriate for any given MSO (because of  size, architecture, geography, budget), there was another solution available that would probably be adopted widely enough that some economies-of-scale would kick in.

It seems that's becoming less and less the case. Whatever Comcast adopts or develops is apt to become the most commonly used solution (it helps that they've been very smart about what they adopt and develop). Toss in the market influence of Liberty Global, which is chummy with Comcast and is content to let Comcast take the lead on most technological innovations.

It all makes me wonder if a) the amount of innovation in cable will decrease and b) if the industry is at a point where it's more important to take care of business instead of testing a bunch of innovations, most of which are unlikely to be much of an improvement on what's now available.

-- Brian Santo 

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