ITProjec45834 12/11/2016 | 8:46:17 AM
I don't want another Verizon As much as I want to agree an IPO might raise funds, I don't want another Verizon or Goolge. They are changing their minds on Fiber because of their investors. I don't want Altice to make any decisions based on any cheap greedy investors. I'll chip in $10,000 if they give me the chance
inkstainedwretch 12/9/2016 | 3:36:22 PM
$$ This seems like a classic trial balloon. I'm sure they do, in fact, want to do an IPO for the influx of cash which will no doubt provide some cushion while they pay off all that debt and squeeze costs as tight as Spanx on a Kardashian, but cable ops like Cox went private in part because Wall Street doesn't have much love for cash-flow endeavors like cable TV.

--Brian Santo

[email protected] 12/9/2016 | 7:13:26 AM
I hope this happens I hope this happens because it'll be a real bellwether for confidence in fiber broadband and a cable approach to FTTH.

Also I want to see the full proposition and proposed costings.  
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