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12/17/2016 | 4:22:52 PM
Re: Default passwords
The password solution would seem to be the quickest way but it's not going to be a problem going away soon as 90 percent don't have any security in those IoT devicess and it should be imperitive to persuade those vendors to to build better security measures into IoT devices.
Alison_ Diana
Alison_ Diana,
User Rank: Light Sabre
12/9/2016 | 4:12:50 PM
Default passwords
I wonder whether it's better to do away all together with the default passwords many devices ship with? So a customer or service provider installs the device and it won't work until the user or network engineer has created a strong password (one that meets all criteria a device vendor demands - including symbols, numbers, capital letter, etc.). Or is the fear that a few vendors won't make people jump through that hoop and they'll get the business, just because it's easier (albeit totally insecure)?

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