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12/6/2016 | 5:34:43 PM
FTTH and EoC ... I wish
Most of the country is still stuck with copper and ATM like fibre access, so sadly the only places truly getting this kind of investment is the massive housing complexes where they know it will be filled up and good game and ready.

It is pretty awesome to see full-duplex coming since that means they are looking at plant based upgrades to properly support the pull/push and cloud style of access.

But one has to wonder when the mass adoption and broad push will occur if ever, since the major vendors with the financial werewithal are abandoning large swathes of the country to smaller vendors and Frontier.   The mass market appeal of triple-play is gone, so now how to do they make that kind of investment given the cash intensive nature of the construction?

This is one area I think that some government intervention is warranted with carrotts of investment dollars, and sticks of taxing wireless investment or higher profit areas.

But great article and news on the DOCSIS improvements!
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12/5/2016 | 2:47:48 PM
More Docsis Confusion
Does anyone know the cost of like-for-like FTTH vs. Docsis when the right of way has already been established (i.e. you are just replacing Coax with FTTH and all of the ancillary components)?  A rough ratio would suffice, and if you could point me to a reference publication that would be great.  Perhaps there are urban, suburban, and rural models for each?

Secondarily, does it seem like "good enough to shut up the customer" is what Docsis is in reality doing?  I cannot imagine that it is superior when there is a side-by-side FTTH option available?  In my MDU (condo in Manhattan) you can choose Time Warner Cable (this is pre-docsis, but I don't think it will matter) or FiOS.  Time Warner Internet and phone would go down for weeks (4 was the max I recorded), and it was clear they didn't really care when you called.  "Oh sorry, we have been experiencing an outage."

As soon as FiOS was available, all 40 units went to FiOS.  Time Warner is now offering $40 plans per month (it was $100 pre-FiOS) and FiOS costs $100 (rough numbers)--not a single unit has gone back to Time Warner.

Verizon is certainly not the most customer-focused company, but I am living in proof that a well-deployed FTTH runs perfectly.  Not a minute of downtime, up to 500x500mb (I use 75mb).

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