brooks7 12/1/2016 | 2:27:45 PM
Re: Future-Proofing=FTTH Imagine Docsis when they eliminate linear TV and do OTT streaming only.  Then dedicate all the QAM groups to DOCSIS.  Does that change your view?


johnestock 12/1/2016 | 11:36:24 AM
Re: Future-Proofing=FTTH Fair point on the Hummer analogy but I guess I would put it more like Docsis gives you a two-wheel drive F150 for life (analogous to Docsis and the Capex decision associated tree associated with that) when you know, or can be reasonably certain, that you will need at least a four-wheel drive F350 (analogous to FTTx) over the medium and long term.  I am lucky enough to have FiOS and I would not say that it is a Hummer H3 as it is actually CHEAPER and FASTER than the awful, rusty Coax pipes that Time Warner Cable used to give me here in Manhattan.  
jbtombes 12/1/2016 | 10:26:29 AM
Re: Future-Proofing=FTTH These cap ex decisions are made more on basis of financial analysis (yes, including time horizons, good point) than clever rhetoric, but while we're talking analogies here's one for consideration that's perhaps more realistic than horse-and-buggies or turbo-charged Vegas: Do you really need a brand-new Hummer H3 if your typical tasks involve grocery shopping or soccer-momming? Or the latest F-150 if you're only hauling mulch or going hunting one weekend a year? Maybe a used minivan or pickup would do the trick in either case, at a fraction of the cost. 
johnestock 11/30/2016 | 3:04:53 PM
Future-Proofing=FTTH We all know that an optical fiber pathway to the end user is the best solution--it future proofs the connection as better lasers, compressions algos, and electronics on the ends of that fiber mean that the physical link to the customer will never have to be replaced.  An optical fiber the width of a human hair will carry bi-directional 8K video under the current state of the art.  Enough said.

We also know that Docsis anything is the equivalent of putting a turbo charger on a Chevy Vega, or worse getting faster horses when the world is moving to cars.  Electrons (heavy and slow) are dead, photons (weightless and fast) are the way forward.  We know that symmetric bandwidth at worst is either a better solution now or a necessary one in the future, as it allows full cloudification for the end user (music, photos, files, etc) and 4K and 8K video conferencing.

Altice is perhaps recognizing this and actually doing actual LONG RANGE planning, something that is lost in the quarter-to-quarter dixie cup throwaway culture of U.S. corporations...  save money now to either lose or spend waaaaay more in the future.

My 2c...
jbtombes 11/30/2016 | 10:09:35 AM
Re: THis could blow FTTH economics apart They must be some cooking up some really disruptive technologies in the Altice R&D lab. Otherwise, I suspect this will push up there cap ex in a noticeable way.
[email protected] 11/30/2016 | 8:04:29 AM
THis could blow FTTH economics apart If Altice is able to do what it claims, what does this mean for FTTH deployment cost models around the world?

Or is this smoke and mirrors?