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11/28/2016 | 3:11:17 AM
From human-centric to things-centric service (p. 19)

As a customer, I often have the impression that I am treated as a thing, not as human. Must be I live in the future already.

And -- I am still waiting for the internet of humans.

[email protected]
11/24/2016 | 8:36:54 AM
Playing nicely
This has been Huawei's mantra for some time but I haven't heard it stressed so much and so many times as I have here in Tokyo today - that partnerships/collaboration/embracing an ecosystem is the only way to move forward, no matter what role you play in the communications landscape.

It's a compelling message - "no one company can do everything" "we all need to help each other" "the sum of the parts is greater" etc 

But... under what terms? what's the end goal? a Nice idea? an MoU? Some IPR?

It's going to take more than a slight cultural shift to get everyone on board and, even if they do, only a handful will have the resources to get involved in the way a company such as Huawei can.

The sentiment is great, obviously, but questions remain about the practise. 


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