jbtombes 11/18/2016 | 11:16:12 AM
Third vote Not sure it was just the 'backlash' that had Rosenworcel 'wavering.' Her policy concerns seemed legit. 
KBode 11/17/2016 | 1:47:02 PM
Fruitless.. The writing was on the wall already after the cable industry launched their massive attack on the idea, claiming more cable competition would hurt minorities, scare children, and destroy the known universe.

I don't think it's THAT big of a deal because these efforts would have only sped up the inevitable shift away from the clunky old set top anyway. Still, not particularly impressive to see all the disinformation that circulated about the plan, the cable industry trotting out everybody from Jesse Jackson to the US copyright office to scare the FCC away from killing that $21 billion made annually in set top box rental fees.
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