KBode 11/28/2016 | 12:15:38 PM
Re: Plus Ça Change... I feel the same way. With the added risk of putting your city at a notable security disadvantage should Verizon's "smat city solutions" not be up to snuff.
kq4ym 11/27/2016 | 2:14:03 PM
Re: Plus Ça Change... I'm skeptical that the kiosks are really a "smart city" move, but rather they seem to be a way to sell fancy and probably expensive stuff to city governments who think it's a great service to the residents and visitors. Well, maybe. It does seem like a fancy phone booth though.
Duh! 11/15/2016 | 11:38:05 AM
Plus Ça Change... Some of us are old enough to remember when Verizon's predecessor companies owned these things called "phone booths".

What goes around, comes around.
steve q 11/14/2016 | 11:17:30 PM
fios the best I don't understand why Verizon will need to buy a different company to help in providing their customer Wi-Fi when they have a service that is better than anything out their FiOS. We need to provide the same service as that of Comcast letting their customer use free Wi-Fi hotspot off other people router or network hubs to let then enjoy Verizon service. Like that of Boston Ma we need to provide the fastest data speed and let those that like to use Verizon high speed internet the option to use those hotspots that are provide inside business and store location to help push the best service and not have to buy other company to do that job for us at a cost to our own customer.