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TV Monitor
TV Monitor
11/14/2016 | 1:18:07 PM
Corrections for Bansal's comments
"5G will be deployed "simultaneously" in China, Japan, South Korea and the US in 2020, Bansal reckons."

Wrong, 28 Ghz 5G is launching in Korea in 2019.

"Bansal suggests, with fixed wireless 5G from Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) in the US, and pre-2018 Winter Olympics preparation in South Korea."

KT says Verizon is now fully harmonized with 5G-SIG, meaning they will be deploying same Samsung 5G basestations and could launch in selected markets in 2019 if Verizon wished.

"This involves working with a couple of different evolving 5G standards. "We are working with both the 3GGP tranche and the Verizon tranche," Bansal says,"

Bansal forgot about the Chinese 5G, backed by Chinese carriers and Softbank/Sprint.

Ironically, 3GPP's low-band 5G has the least momentum of three behind it. Additionally, the projected throughput of low band 5G is really really bad, 3 Gbits/s peak throughput per cell assuming 100 Mhz bandwidth per carrier.

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