Michelle 11/16/2016 | 10:04:21 PM
Linux growth Not surprising to see Linux is expected to continue growing. Open Source continues to benefit many organizations. 
inkstainedwretch 11/16/2016 | 5:35:57 PM
Smart smart cities, dumb smart cities Representatives from Chinese Telecom companies imply they'll be able to create smart-city deployments that allocate city resources in a more efficient way, which is an admirable goal.

But that raises the same capacity question you have in data operations when it comes to those resources where demand varies on a regular basis. Do you buy for peak demand? That isn't always the best way to buy resources, whether it's data center capacity or buses to move people in and out of airports. Or do you buy for median demand and figure out something else to do to fill occasional peaks?

-- Brian Santo
Mitch Wagner 11/16/2016 | 11:41:35 AM
Wuzhen Wuzhen looks gorgeous!
Mitch Wagner 11/16/2016 | 11:41:15 AM
Standards proliferation To Orange's Roberto Kung's point about proliferating standards: That's a real problem. Conflicting standards are as bad as no standards at all; you don't get the interoperability that standards are supposed to achieve. And telecoms and enterprise personnel are stretched thin trying to keep up with all the organizations.

As the old nerd joke goes: Standards are great. There are so many of them you can pick the one you like. More seriously, even where stand
Mitch Wagner 11/16/2016 | 11:40:45 AM
Row, row, row your boat Virtual reality rowing! Love it!
Mitch Wagner 11/16/2016 | 11:40:25 AM
Agility If carriers want to participate, they need to get more agile. We've been talking about that for a few years, but it's becoming more urgent.
Mitch Wagner 11/16/2016 | 11:40:07 AM
Cloud-first 88% of enterprises are adopting a cloud-first strategy? That's high. That goes beyond cloud adoption and strikes to cloud ascendancy.
kq4ym 11/16/2016 | 11:31:55 AM
Re: Etisalat View Sounds a lot like AT&T's AIC... It will be interesting to watch China and the IoT market considering how "China Mobile is working on a number of smart city projects in China," which they hope will be an upcoming profit center along with their exising data and voice services.
Carol Wilson 11/16/2016 | 11:24:52 AM
Etisalat View Sounds a lot like AT&T's AIC... ...and also the CenturyLink transition to operating its network as a cloud. 

Obviously the wisdom and efficiencies of centralizing things in a cloud architecture are universal. Interesting to see the take on this from different operator viewpoints. 
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