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Can´t get audio at this time, I will try later. Greetings to all.

By the way, how can I save content in Profile?

Phase two, we are still 3-6 months away yet.

hiw will mano handle differnet types of information?

Who manages/coordinates the resources from different VIMs, when there are multiple VIMs in same or different PoP

what are the typical tasks, VIM delivers?

what are typical issues when implementing mano

great that its archived


One big concern with the VM is the throughput processing capabilities, today we have routers that can process up to terabyte(s), is that something that we can expect from the SDN solution?

What about the EMS, we are trying to move away from proprietary solution, but don't we need a vendor for the EMS?

thanks again Kelsey and Toby! See everyone back here on Friday


@AVP/TOBY Yes, very much so, thanks for answering our many questions!!

Hope the feedback/Q&A was helpful. Toby

that and the shift from managing hardware to developing software/infra as code

MANO is really not that different than what came before in terms of orchestration .. the part that is different is the expectations that MANO has grown up around.. the service agility is what is causing the cultural change 

I believe a cultural change and willingness to adopt the new structure as well as technical training is both required to make the shift a success!

I find it eye opening to have MANO presented as being something as fundamental as a cultural change (or else I'm misunderstanding the conversation). That point of view indicates implementation would be more involved than technical training, or am I wrong?

Go agile - be faster to market to gain the bulk of the business/market share on your side!

AT&T focused first on two things.. business connectivity and business voice services.. this allowed us to limit the scope of impact before we dove into the consumer services which have broader impact. Starting with connectivity and voice was an de-riksing interative strategy

@AVP/TOBY Agreed that cultural changes and the need to reskill is just as important as the technical challenges. Thanks for answering our questions and for the excellent lecture today!

I can see that there is plenty of companies, big and small, new and established, working on different solutions. To me that tells that we can see lot of the old providers trying to position their old products to fit the purpose. I think some of them are doing good job, but many are just relabeling.

the rate of change in web sites, ecommerce sites, content delivery OTT is definately inspiriing alot of this transformation .. and yes we don't have 6 months to get it right

yes.. shifting from waterfall methods and hands on troubleshooting of the past toward agile and to coded infrastructure is also a big cultural change.  conference bridges with 10s of people doing heroic work is an anti-pattern in this transformation

I think biggest cultural changes come with move to agile and the different model of control that you need to implement in that way of working. People need to also start thinking about developing faster than allowing themselves to stay in the old "6 months is OK delivery time" thinking.


on the overlap of open source groups..  i think the diverse innovation and invention is great.. but there is a limit. at some point with all software you have to sit back and refactor .. we are definately headed into a refactoring phase

on the cultural changes.. this is probably as important a change as is the technical challenge.. we are spending alot of effort on pivoting resources from traditional network administrator roles and vendor management.. over to developers, DevOps teams, and participants in open source ecosystems.. 

In regards to SDN, do you think there's too much overlap among the open source groups?

Thanks for the great presentation!

on the question about security implications..  fully automated and integrated firewalls, IPS/IDS, DDOS prevention are all network functions that are enabled by our move to NFV and MANO.. we can, in many ways, enable more layers of protection with SDN then we were able to do before


Thank you, very helpful information, have good day,...,   Toby, Kelsey and all.

Thanks Kelsey see you on the next lexture!

why did ATT focus on voice first for MANO implementation?


@AVP/TOBY Listener Q - 

Sounds like a lot of digital transformation is required to make all this work. Any cultural changes required to go with?

Very interesting, thanks for the lecture!

Thanks Toby and Kelsey! great MANO overview

Always that issue with public vs. private vs. hybrid clouds - it can be a security mess!

@pposner | maybe becuase they have substantial resources in phone services? just a guess

This didn't touch on security too much. What are some security implications AT&T has learned from MANO so far?

Are vendors coming up with new, better OSS/BSS that work better with SDN/NFV and the cloud? What about YANG-based OSS based on SDN? 

why did ATT focus on voice first?

Thanks for quite informative presentation.

I really enjoyed how this wasn't vendor specific at all.

Question:  Is it possible within your MANO to allow a vendor specific NFV to allow for network complexity adaptability.  Research Adaptive Complexity Theory

Older OSS/BSS was point to point, or point to multipoint, now there needs to be assurance and monitoring at the application level? 

I appreciate the links you provided at the end of the slides.

Phase-1 passed & in Phase-2 but we are like a year away from implementation

I'm just listening in -- nowhere near R&D where I am

Phase 1 - Research and development,

Reply to 2nd poll question: Phase 1 (research and development)

Where is your organization in the process of adopting NFV MANO? Phase 1 - Research and development, Phase 2: 3-6 months away from initial deployment, or Phase 3 - several months into deployment.

good to hear there are open consortiums like this

Great to hear there is a lot of development in open source here

Is interoperability an issue? How do you solve these issues?

specifications updates evolving over time is welcome. let's hope all continue to work together well

we live in an interesting future of mashed up technologies -- it's facinating to watch the evolution

service agility and flexibility

not cost savings - at least not yet

I think its all of the above

Hmmm..... I'd say thats a tough one but scalability and flexibility

All of the above. Mainly bit more tilted to capex savings.


Reply to first listener poll: All of the above (flexibility, cost savings, agility, etc.).

What are the biggest benefits to NFV MANO? Operating and capital cost savings, scalability, flexibility, service agility, or all of the above?


Can NFV-MANO be used for the management of non-virtualized resources?

policy management and engines + automation sounds great

how do you expect analytics to be integrated into the workflow process, to instantiate new or additional  VNF's to meet traffic demands, how do you decide where it is deployed (Central or remote).

Do you envisage multi Mano instances communicating with each other?


does any example of  virtulization of SeGW exist?

"MANO must provide all that the OSSs did plus more" Why then in the NFV diagram there is an OSS layer on top of the VNF domain?


How does this help with DDoS and multi-vector attacks?

Sounds like a lot of digital transformation is required to make all this work. Any cultural changes required to go with?

Have you made changes to prvent attacks like the recent DNS one to assure that impacts are minimized?


What kind of interface is used for MANO - OSS/BSS internetworking?

Are you seeing concerns from your customers in light of the recent attack that occurred in shrared environment?

what is the roadmap for agreement/interop between different open implementations.

re vacation: what. is. vacation?

Good afternoon everyone! Good to see a bustling room today

How effective is a hybrid system of MANO and legacy?

MANO is fragmented (ECOMP, OPEN-0, etc) how will the industry move towards consensus? 

Question for Toby - Is MANO inherently more secure with its automated properties?

Are there any special rulles or pitfalls to look out for when dealing with MANO?

In multivendor scenario, interoperability will be a challenge right with standards evolving?


What are some of the most challenging legacy situations MANO integrations can solve?

@Kelsey | I'm so jealous—parasailing looks like so much fun!

Start thinking about what questions you have for Toby, I'll be asking Toby a listener question shortly!

@johnliu try refreshing your screen


I love to sightsee and try differnt foods to embrace the culture!

@sales parasailing! also just relaxing with a good book or taking a hike

@Kelsey | what is your favorite activity to do while on vacation?


eating good food is always the best


Are there any software applications that helps with MANO?

Reply to test question: bicycling

good morning! travelling :)


Take in the scenery and just chill is the favorite activity when on vacation.

rest at home & meet relatives

reading is my favorite vacation relaxation hobby -- mysteries preferably

Reply to test question: Wading in the ocean at the beach with my family.

audio is working well thus far

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Thank goodness for the sun rising. One prognostication that was not wrong.

Last time i had trouble connecting to the session.I hope to have seamless connection this time and looking forward.

Checking in for a great webinar!

Hello ! Looking forward to today's presentation

Good morning.  The sun still came up.


Hello to all and good day to all

Hope you all are having a great day so far! Good to see so many on the chat already.

Greetings & salutations everyone!

@ n1ghthawk ha! good one :) Hi there @kurieal, @laronowitz, @JTSE and @ppgg!

Welcome @AVP,Clou83641 (Toby)! We're looking forward to your presentation!

Great question @JohnGordon, I'll make a note of that for our Q&A!

Thank you! Got the presentation notes on MANO. QUESTION: Pardon my low level of understanding, but MANO has nothing to do with replacing operating systems local to users, is that right? It is just to manage and orchestrate virtual networking, or am I missing something?

@William excellent! Glad you'll be joining us today!

@JohnGordon - slides are up but you may need to refresh your screen to view them.

@JohnGordon slides will be posted shortly!

Will there be notes available for downloading? No problem if not, I can follow along via the audio!

Looking forward to know what Toby Ford has to show!

Looking forward to hearing from Toby Ford tomorrow - this will be a great start to our series on Network Transformation!

I'm not familiar with MANO - I look forward to learning more about it

hope to attend - should be interesting

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