KBode 10/31/2016 | 1:19:09 PM
Re: Looks like stalling Good point.

My understanding is Verizon wants a billion off the asking price, and a billion reserved for the inevitable lawsuits. Should walk away with a bit of a bargain if they can work that out. 
kq4ym 10/30/2016 | 10:46:08 AM
Re: Looks like stalling I wonder if a strategy to expect data breaches might be a new way for companies looking for re-notiation of terms to pending deals. Verizon may very well get a big discount on the Yahoo deal. And with the almost certain breaches eventually, a stalling game might be part of lots of acquisition deals coming in future years?
Mitch Wagner 10/21/2016 | 8:31:46 PM
Re: Looks like stalling Not like anybody's going to snatch the Yahoo jewel away from Verizon if Verizon waits. 
mendyk 10/21/2016 | 10:30:43 AM
Re: Looks like stalling One issue for Verizon is whether gains from its "digital" strategy will cover for what may be longer-term losses from its core business. Since the core stuff is orders of magnitude higher than its digital play in terms of revenue, it's hard to see how this works out in VZ's favor.
inkstainedwretch 10/20/2016 | 8:24:25 PM
Re: Looks like stalling The AOL thing is actually working for them in terms of subscribers and ad technology, but it's not adding nearly enough to the bottom line, so investors dismiss it as a disaster (Google "Worst acquisitions of all time" and VZ-AOL pops up on a lot of lists). Yahoo looks like AOL in quite a lot of ways -- it has nice assets that won't show up in a single line item on the balance sheet. So if I'm Verizon, it costs nothing to dither; in fact, dithering might end up saving a $1B or so, and that's not chump change even for Verizon.

Does Shammo really care if the Yahoo thing happens today or next Spring? Of course not.

--Brian Santo
Mitch Wagner 10/20/2016 | 4:13:40 PM
Re: Looks like stalling Why would they want to stall? Is Shammo having buyer's remorse, and hoping to make this his successor's problem?
inkstainedwretch 10/20/2016 | 3:14:49 PM
Shammo's Legacy Shammo will beg the board to wait until after he's gone. Successor Mathew Ellis will beg the board to complete the deal before he signs on.

I kid.

Sort of.

As a practical matter, the machinery that's been set into motion will need three or four months to grind to completion. IMO.

-- Brian Santo
Kelsey Ziser 10/20/2016 | 2:45:57 PM
Re: Looks like stalling Good point - do you think Shammo will close the deal or they'll draw it out until after he's retired?
inkstainedwretch 10/20/2016 | 1:28:23 PM
Looks like stalling No potential acquirer needs Yahoo. Yahoo was never going to be much more than a nice-to-have for anybody. And there can be nothing new about this data breach that can have a material affect on the acquisition. But the longer Verizon leaves Yahoo in limbo, the likelier Yahoo will slip into further disarray, which means it will likelier get cheaper to buy. If Verizon isn't just trying to drive down the purchase price, the only other possible reason for the delay is if Verizon is re-evaluating whether Yahoo's advertising operations are worth as much as it initially thought. Yahoo's 600 million monthly mobile users remain a justifiable reason to buy the company. 

-- Brian Santo.

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