kq4ym 10/14/2016 | 10:03:43 AM
Re: ....A-a-a-a-nd... Yes, it would seem that Google must continue to get the brand into the homes and continue it's ad selling in as many ways as possible. Getting some bonus revenue from a hopeful best selling device wouldn't hurt and they probably figure it's a gamble worth taking.
inkstainedwretch 10/6/2016 | 7:27:01 PM
....A-a-a-a-nd... And don't forget the "OK Google" personal assistant angle. With Google, nearly everything ties into the ability to sell ads. Simply having the best profile of any given customer is soon going to be inadequate. Google's continued effectiveness selling ads (and the effectiveness of anyone hoping to compete with Google) is predicated on helping you do things and -- "oh! Did you need a widget to complete that task? May I suggest an advertiser who sells that very widget you need?"

Under those circumstances, being at the nexus of the home network / residential IoT node can be a very useful place to be.

-- Brian Santo



macemoneta 10/6/2016 | 3:09:18 PM
Re: Support longevity You may offload the issue to a service provider, but you still don't know what you're getting. See smartphone updates. 
msilbey 10/6/2016 | 3:06:46 PM
Re: Support longevity That point argues for a leased model. If a service provider leases and manages the equipment, then you offload the long-term support issue.
macemoneta 10/6/2016 | 2:39:39 PM
Support longevity I'd love to implement a mesh network at home. The problem is the same as I have with all routers that aren't OpenWRT (Linux) based - how long will the company support it? No word on the subject from Google, though. 1-year? 5-years? 10-years? And what does that support mean? One update? Monthly security updates? Annual updates?  Who knows.
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