inkstainedwretch 10/6/2016 | 6:48:26 PM
Re: Verizon? The advent of the IoT has some potential to change the dynamic of the cloud market. Azure performance averages out well across several measures (bandwidth, throughput, latency, etc.), but the network doesn't excel consistently when it comes to any particular metric. (Nobody's cloud does).

Some applications, like autonomous vehicles, are going to require very, very strict guaranteed minimum latencies. A company that can guarantee those low latencies will have an advantage in specific applications categories.

That could very well be Azure, but it seems more likely it might be one of its competitors. It seems to me there's more incentive for an also-ran in the cloud market to tool its entire network for a set of narrowly defined (shall we even say "niche"?) applications. 

In short, the size/reach of any particular cloud might not be the key measure by which an IoT services company would evaluate a potential cloud partner. Or set of partners, given that nobody of size who's been in the cloud market for long relies on a single cloud provider anyway.  

-- Brian Santo

Carol Wilson 10/6/2016 | 3:32:09 PM
Re: Verizon? Good question. Verizon is also providing secure direct connections to cloud operators. They could hook up with someone else but no one has AWS' market power. They could try to work with AWS in areas where they have local footprint but the idea for a lot of this stuff is global reach. 
msilbey 10/6/2016 | 3:07:59 PM
Verizon? So what does Verizon do now? Form a deal with Google? Microsoft?
HK1960 10/6/2016 | 1:42:30 PM
A The tempo of their growth is insane. Great fusion!
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