DanJones 10/3/2016 | 10:29:05 PM
Re: #2 Hahahahahaha!
Mitch Wagner 10/3/2016 | 3:05:07 PM
#2 Samsung is second place chipmaker but its chips are ON FIRE.

Wait, no, sorry, I misread my notes. That's its phones that are on fire. 
DanJones 9/30/2016 | 6:04:01 PM
Re: How far will consolidation go? I would say normally 3 in specific sectors, but that all seems to be imploding.
msilbey 9/30/2016 | 3:07:26 PM
How far will consolidation go? How many chip players in a given space can the market usually support? Two or three primary suppliers?
inkstainedwretch 9/30/2016 | 2:47:52 PM
In for an inch... NXP was reportedly shopping around pieces. If someone is willing to shell out for a complete takeover, why not?

Qualcomm is already committed to IoT; buying NXP makes intuitive sense at that level.

-- Brian Santo


DanJones 9/30/2016 | 1:51:04 PM
5G? I tried to figure out if NXP had any 5G tech worth speaking of. It seems more like talk than actual product at the moment. Feel free to weigh in if you know better though!
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