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9/28/2016 | 7:54:38 PM
Re: Fragmentation issues

the approach of a carrier acting as a gateway interface for multiple carriers over a common API structure - akin to wholesale M2M roaming accounts - could work in theory, although I just can't see it actually happening.

So far when it comes to these sorts of initiatives, we see alot of talk at events about collaboration, But when it comes down to actually making these things happen, it has a way of disappearing from the radar until the next big telco shift conversation.
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9/28/2016 | 7:15:00 PM
Re: Fragmentation issues
It seems like telecom operators could do a better job of at least defining some common interfaces. That might be a critical first step to being easier companies with which to work. 

Because otherwise, you are right, few if any telecom operators will be a substantial enough market to attract developers in droves. 
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9/28/2016 | 4:03:11 PM
Fragmentation issues

The need for telco's to get their ducks in a row to make them attractive to developers is on the money, but the olution is not as simple as he makes it sound.

Webscale companies benefit from a "write-once, run everywhere" benefit that carriers simply do not have as they are regional and/or play in specific limited markets. If telco's wanto play they need to create a cenntral clearinghouse structured organization, where they can compete with a "write-once, run everywhere" environment and provide the added benefits - like edge capabilities - that only telco's can provide.

The banks recognised this in the 60's and created unified transaction networks like Visa and MasterCard, which kicktarted the electronic transaction market. So if telco's wanto play in the developer space they need a cetral developer interface of some sort.

To date, the last successful cooperation with telco's bringing out a mass market product is the venerable SMS/MMS.

Cooperation on NFV & SDN along with the open source work in this space, is a rare and very recent bright spot.

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