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Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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9/22/2016 | 4:16:52 PM
Re: It's a land grab - again
And that's where service providers seen an advantage. They own the real estate, in the form of central offices. 
[email protected],
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9/22/2016 | 6:17:35 AM
The investments
It looks like lots of difefrent parties will end up investing in edge computing assets - Webscales, telcos, MSOs, cities/municipalities, billboard site owners (maybe?) -- the big question then is, will the technology deployed by so many different orgs be interoperable and will the 'landlords' play nice with all other 'tenants' that want IT capacity at the edge?

The 'edge exchange' will likely become a 'thing'
[email protected],
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9/22/2016 | 6:15:21 AM
It's a land grab - again
Edge computing and IoT is going to be as much about physical space, a land grab, as it is about tech.

Invest in billboard site owners... I bet Warren Buffet has. 

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