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9/21/2016 | 7:45:49 PM
Useful Spectrum?
I heard the CEO bragged about the spectrum on CNBC yesterday. However, when I was talking to my friend who was in the business, he thought a lot of Sprint spectrums are too low and hence of its poor services (as a user, I can attest to its absymal quality)

So the question is who would want Sprint's spectrums if they are not cost effective, i.e., provider will need more radios and repeaters etc.

Could guru readers out there comment on this? 

9/20/2016 | 6:18:42 PM
Re: Verizon
Lease to cable cos? Google? (seems Google is more ambitious than that though). There's probably options, don't seem like great options though.
TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/20/2016 | 5:53:27 PM
Re: Verizon
Dan Jones

Since Sprint's 2.5 Ghz holding is a TDD band, somebody has to build TD-LTE network to utilize the band, but who?

The idea floated in Japan on how to bring in Huawei or ZTE 5G equipment into the US is that Softbank or some US entity would establish a US surrogate company, and have the base stations assembled in the US from kits shipped from China and locally compiled software uploaded. NSA would have access to source code to see for themselves that the software does not contian backdoor or malware.

Softbank's business plan depends on availability of half-priced Chinese equipment to build out its network at a lower cost than its bigger US rivals.
9/20/2016 | 5:04:40 PM
Re: Verizon
It's a balancing act iasn't it? They've got to keep getting cash infusions for the operator, what else do they really have to lease out at this point? I guess they have enough capacity to do a short lease. Question is, who will rent?

I see Huawei or ZTE -- or a surrogate -- as a non-starter, whoever wins the election. The rhetoric about "China stealing our jobs" etc. etc. is just too hyped up now.
TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/20/2016 | 4:28:14 PM
Re: Verizon
If Sprint leases off 2.5 Ghz band, how is it supposed to deploy the Chinese 5G network that Chairman Son envisioned? Especially when Softbank has no money to deploy 28 Ghz 5G in either the US or Japan?


ZTE, Huawei push 5G-ready gear for SoftBank deployment in Japan

Project shows Japanese operator's confidence in the two Chinese suppliers' telecoms equipment, despite ongoing US probe into their operations

Telecommunications equipment makers ZTE and Huawei Technologies are quietly helping spearhead the deployment of advanced 5G-ready mobile infrastructure in Japan, despite lingering concerns about US scrutiny of their operations.

Equipment from ZTE and Huawei is exclusively involved in the world's first commercial roll-out of Massive Mimo technology in Japan, according to industry sources.

"The SoftBank-branded equipment used in that implementation in over 100 urban base stations in Japan is really a mix of ZTE and Huawei network products," a person with knowledge of the SoftBank project said. "It shows the operator's confidence in the technologies from the two Chinese suppliers, both of which happen to be under investigation by US authorities."
9/20/2016 | 3:51:12 PM
Claure also claimed that all networks are now "within fighting distance" of Verizon, removing Big Red's main marketing message, that's why the latest Verizon ads, go after Sprint, he claims anyway.

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