GregW333 9/21/2016 | 9:00:44 AM
Re: The World Has Gone Mad! Mad, I Tell You! Bryan,

Nokia bought ALU which then bought Gainspeed....

ALU, like most telco-centric vendors have always dabbled in and around cable... 


Greg W. 
EuroCableGuy 9/21/2016 | 7:28:21 AM
Re: The World Has Gone Mad! Mad, I Tell You! From LightReading, August 1, 2016: Nokia Completes Acquisition of Gainspeed
Alison_ Diana 9/20/2016 | 4:33:35 PM
Energy is HUGE Saving energy is a huge deal for all companies, including cable companies that now realize this is something they can control -- and can do so better than ever before, thanks to virtualization. If they don't proactively pursue energy-saving initiatives, they're throwing money out of an open window in the middle of a Florida summer - almost literally. Some CSPs harangue their vendors to make products that do a whole lot more on a whole lot less electricity; if cable operators add their voices to the mix, imagine the speed of change! And the benefits to all of us, including earth.
inkstainedwretch 9/20/2016 | 2:41:34 PM
The World Has Gone Mad! Mad, I Tell You! Nokia at a cable conference? Explain this, please.

-- Brian Santo
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