TV/Video81444 9/23/2016 | 6:21:10 AM
Not so sure "service as a differentiator and to collect new data on customer viewing behaviors". I do not think it is a differentiator, and sure Netflix will not share data so easily.


Do you know if billing will be made also through Comcast's invoice?
KBode 9/20/2016 | 6:01:56 PM
Re: Folly Sounds promising, as does their hint that they'll open the door to additional partners. I imagine the unified voice search is certainly helpful!
msilbey 9/20/2016 | 9:52:48 AM
Re: Folly Having now seen a demo of the Netflix integration, I'm impressed with how easy Comcast has made it to navigate between Netflix and Xfinity content. You can go into the Netflix app and operate entirely within that app environment, or search for and find featured content from Netflix and Xfinity within the primary X1 UI. It certainly looks seamless.
inkstainedwretch 9/19/2016 | 6:18:23 PM
Folly Who knows? Doing things that make watching TV easier for customers might even catch on.

-- Brian Santo
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