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Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser
9/19/2016 | 9:57:57 AM
Re: power panel
That makes sense, thanks, Sarah! SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely and the acronym can be used for really any goals as a way to avoid being vague in goal setting, and to raise your chance of success.
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
9/19/2016 | 9:51:14 AM
Re: power panel
With regards to goal setting, the main point they made was to do what works for you and not conform to expectations of you -- whether those expectations are that you should want to be C level or that you'll quit when you have kids. It's your career and your personal life, so you have to find your own balance. But, I do think having a one, five and 10 year plan is important with the expectation that it will change. It can help hold you accountable and ensure you're always moving ahead.

I am not familar with SMART. What does it entail?
Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser
9/19/2016 | 9:35:32 AM
Re: power panel
Thanks, Sarah, for dividing their advice into sections! I once received the advice "be the person you want to marry" so sounds like that applies to management, too (re: section on - "be the manager you want to have"). Sounds like many panelists were emphasizing that women should spend time setting specific goals for their career. Did they provide any insight on how they set and review their own career goals? Did they talk about setting SMART goals?
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
9/19/2016 | 9:21:09 AM
power panel
I thought this was one of our best panels yet. The women had a ton of great advice to share, and I thought it was especially cool that three out of five of them had husbands that were stay-at-home dads. It's still not a common scenario today, so it was great to see these women and their husbands paving the way and showing how important support at home is to your professional life.

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