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9/21/2016 | 5:56:28 PM
Nokia Enterprise Aspirations
I think Nokia may have missed the boat. I am not sure they have anything to offer that is not there already. The Enterprise is rapidly becoming comoditized and dematerialised. I see nothing in Alcatel-Lucent that when combined with Nokia area of capabilities that is any different.

What are the three factors important in gaining market share ....

You have got to be either first, the best or different. I do not see any of those elements present at Nokia.

Best of luck with that strategy. 


Art King
Art King
9/19/2016 | 1:38:56 PM
Re: Does HP figure in these plans?

HP would be great asset as they have the enterprise facing sales organization and SI skills in that domain. It's a complement to Nokia in SP realm. Able channels and relationships can't be waved into existence.

Nokia can't waver like 3Com did back in the day when they exited enterprise and then tried/failed to come back. They have to enter the market and relentlessly execute. Cisco's success has been both rock solid products and unwavering presence in enterprise.

Cheers and hope you're well!

Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
9/19/2016 | 11:41:20 AM
Re: Enterprise push
Why would an enterprise want to do business with Nokia rather than a company such as Cisco that has a deep history of enterprise expertise?
[email protected]
9/19/2016 | 9:30:31 AM
Does HP figure in these plans?
At one time, AlcaLu and HP were tied at the hip. Now ALU is patr of Nokia, and HP is not the company it was (in many ways).

It'll be interesting to see if HP turns up as a key partner to Nokia as it tries to court the enterprise market.
9/19/2016 | 8:32:54 AM
Enterprise push
The enterprise comms market is clearly shaping up to be a key focus for players from a traditional telco background as they look for new growth opportunities and expand further into the IT area. Huawei obviously sees enterprise as a major growth avenue and Nokia is also now pushing hard into this market. Will be interesting to hear more about what this means for topline growth, given the disappointments there. I expect there'll be a lot more talk about this at Nokia's forthcoming capital markets day (in November). 

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