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9/22/2016 | 7:27:27 AM
Magnets are cool hits nail on the head
I think you're right  - customers are buying a service that runs well, not what's under the hood - this is telco growing up, seeing where they add value and chance to wipe the slate clean, manage network and IT systems together to ensure a better service and be more efficient in general (well except for the spaghetti of legacy systems and kit).

Getting line of sight of your customers and what matters to them and reacting quickly to changing demands is what counts in growing revenue....also if telcos are open to sharing, simplification and using opensource software, would that make life much easier in other areas such as partner interconnects, billing settlements, wholesale carrier exchanges etc.?
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9/21/2016 | 8:15:20 PM
dumb pipes should be generic
What this says, without the explicit wording is that the network pipe business is generic. If Operators run big pipes, small pipes, redundant pipes, multi-point pipes, the pipes and the processes around those pipes should be shared knowledge.

It's akin to going to college to learn plumbing. Running a successful, competitive, differentiated business isn't in the pipes. It's in the matching of the right pipe configuration to customer needs.

The equipment vendors haven't been doing it for us, operators have to do it for themselves. 
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9/16/2016 | 12:27:35 PM
Competing in a new way
At the core of this is a willingness of CSPs to compete in different ways and to acknowledge that some of what used to be a point of differentiation isn't any longer.

I believe that at many levels of these big players, that acknowledgement has already happened. They need to make it easier for new applications to be offered on their networks and for content to be more efficiently delivered and they know that. 

The question is, can they really do what their front line guys think is necessary and do it in time?

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