inkstainedwretch 9/15/2016 | 5:11:53 PM
Next step Would one of the next steps be devising a set of common VNFs?

--Brian Santo
cnwedit 9/15/2016 | 10:08:58 AM
Re: Bold move! Ray,

I agree this once would have happened behind closed doors...if at all I think it's a positive indication that these large operators are embracing the reality of open source and not just using it as a wrapper to pretty-up their projects.

Working out in the open is a potential risk but clearly for these folks the potential rewards are greater. The community is crucial to ECOMP's success as an open source project and that means we'll need to see more announcements like this from other operators and other vendors. 
[email protected] 9/15/2016 | 9:50:19 AM
Bold move! It's very interesting that this has been made public - and positive.

Because what happens next? Orange and AT&T have alreadyt taken a number of steps that has taken them this far -- very encouraging.

But what if there isn't a next step? IN the past, I think that would have been a problem. But surely AT&T is seeking feedback and input from Orange in this process: Even if Orange doesn't take ECOMP to a commercial conclusion, both companies will gain from this process and end up being wiser.

IN the past I suspect this would all have happened behind closed doors -- it's good this is happeneing out in public and acting as a catalyst for the indyustry.


re Orange and MANO -- in its initial NFV-based services offering for SMEs it was using Activiti for orchestration and UBIqube as the VNF manager. 

Orange Unveils NFV-Based Offering for SMBs


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