kq4ym 9/26/2016 | 2:36:24 PM
Re: Clink With some compassion for those with few or no assets the program should certainly continue and just fix whatever the problem stated is which would simply have officials deciding to just apply a porn blocker.
DanJones 9/15/2016 | 4:40:03 PM
Re: Clink Real talk! Thank you. I wonder why the WiFi is so bad? It is a fiber link to a Qualcomm WiFi chip. Strange.
Kelsey Ziser 9/15/2016 | 4:37:09 PM
Re: Clink Link sounds like something that only works "in theory" but I agree with Dan that homeless people should have Internet access. 

I was also reminded of the Portland Loo - a project in Portland to provide clean, outdoor bathrooms around the city to the homeless. Some businesses responded with a "not in my backyard" attitude. *sigh* 
sorabji 9/15/2016 | 2:41:19 PM
Clink They did have industry standard porn filters, the same ones used in libraries and in schools, but determined seekers will get to that stuff one way or another. I think the porn issue is being blown (huh huh) out of proportion. But it obviously makes for good politics.

I also have trouble using the WiFi, though I have not attempted it in a while. Sometimes it worked well enough but it seemed more common that speed was slower than dialup, or that there was no connectivity at all.

I've seen a number of Links where the tablet screen was not working. They stayed that way for months.

The free phone calls are hilarious. You literally have to scream as loud as you can for the person you are calling to be able to understand anything you are saying. 

I honestly wanted these things to be awesome but I can hardly stand to look at them. As far as I can tell the praises of LinkNYC have been sung loudest by industry wonks, "smart city" propagandists, and people who have never actually used them. I don't think this will be the last manifestation we see of CityBridge's poor planning.
DanJones 9/14/2016 | 11:43:44 PM
Re: Everything devolves to porn They have a WiFi hotspot in there too, you can just use Internet at the kiosk touchscreen if you want. Verizon only covers about 25% of NYC residents with FiOS at the moment. Verizon did try something like this once.
steve q 9/14/2016 | 10:02:40 PM
Re: Everything devolves to porn Maybe it will have been better if they have a Wi-Fi hotspot in place of the kiosks so they will be able to have more customer using the link NYC service. I'm surprise with Verizon FiOS in NY they would have not provide a way to provide everyone a Wi-Fi hotspot so everyone in the area like business and local customer can use the internet.
DanJones 9/14/2016 | 9:46:22 PM
Re: Everything devolves to porn Or a porn blocker! I feel like free Internet access might be a godsend for some people. Imagine if it is the only means you have to contact your family.
inkstainedwretch 9/14/2016 | 8:36:06 PM
Everything devolves to porn Should have seen that coming.*

Why wouldn't it be a simple matter of putting time limits on WiFi sessions?

-- Brian Santo

* no pun intended. I swear.
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