inkstainedwretch 9/14/2016 | 12:25:15 PM
500 apps and nothing on All of these companies need app-ify their distribution in order to serve customers who clearly want to consume video through apps. Each channel certainly finds value in having its own brand front-and-center, rather than hidden behind the brand of some MVPD or other distributor.

But I suspect that's only going to be workable in the short term, when there are only a few channels that have their own apps. What happens when every channel has its own app?

For those people who really do only watch two or three different channels, it's no big deal to manage two or three apps.

But what about those who spread their viewing across a much larger number of channels? There's a possibility that managing however many channel-apps -- 15? 27? 42? -- could become more trouble than it's worth.

Under those circumstances, I wonder if someone will eventually try to build One App To Rule Them All.

-- Brian Santo
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