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9/21/2016 | 7:26:49 PM
Re: Negotiating raises
One wonders how it's not clear that women face bad odds all around in lots of organizations, yet society doesn't want to admit it, finding excuses and false theories why all is well. And Trump...that's another story that's even stranger.
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9/12/2016 | 5:06:17 PM
Re: Negotiating raises
Kelsey, you're definitely right that the research has always shown that women weren't asking for raises. This new study seems to be saying that those stats are based on assumptions that because women weren't getting raises, it was simply because they weren't asking for them. I think this might be one of those things where we don't know the full story since not every raise request is documented, but it's certainly worrying!

Some of those Trump quotes are really shocking. He's got a loooonnnnggg history of saying incredibly inapporpriate things! It's pretty crazy what he's gotten away with (and rewarded for!).
Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser,
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9/12/2016 | 4:58:23 PM
Negotiating raises
I always thought women didn't receive as many raises as men because they simply weren't negotiating for them, so this new research you mentioned is both eye opening and frustrating. The notion that discrimination might be the bigger underlying issue is frustrating because it sounds like a bigger hurdle to overcome. 

As for the Trump quotes, I thought I was at the point where nothing he said would shock me anymore but you've proven me wrong! 

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