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9/8/2016 | 12:37:52 PM
Re: 5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G
I know exactly what he meant, thanks very much, you patronising twonk. I'm here at CTIA talking about it right now.

Since your crystal ball is so amazing and you can see 4 years into the future, care top predict when the 28GHz auctions will happen in the US and when the FCC will be able to clear the spectrum so that operators can use it?

Cos non of the 28GHz stuff EVEN HAPPENS without those auctions happening in a timely fashion. 
TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/7/2016 | 6:49:13 PM
Re: 5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G
Dan Jones

What he meant by NR is the next gen radio.

There are multiple companies offering incompatible versions of Below 6 Ghz 5G radio, such as Ericsson 5G NR and Qualcomm 5G NR.

Differences will have to be sorted out by 3GPP meeting.

But the fact remains that there is no spectrum available in the US to do 5G in below 6 Ghz unless you are Sprint.

But as this very editorial implies, Qualcomm lacks far behind Samsung in 28 Ghz mmwave 5G. Since 28 Ghz 5G is the future, Qualcomm doesn't factor in it and cannot possibly compete against Samsung 5G which would have seen a commercial service by 2020 with matching 5G phones.
9/7/2016 | 6:16:55 PM
Re: 5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G
Actually, Keoppes at Verizon said just a couple of weeks ago that they working closely on the NR radio and intend their fixed 5G spec to be software upgradable to NR. 
TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/7/2016 | 5:38:58 PM
Re: 5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G

"There's 150MHz coming available in the CBRS band"

150 Mhz is not enough for single network to do 5G service, much less multiple networks.

In other word, CBRS cannot be used to provide a decent 5G service unless all of it is allocated to single network per market.

This is why Qualcomm's pretty much doomed in the long term, they have been shut out of 5G debates and no one's touching Qualcomm tech in early 5G deployments.

Qualcomm's pretty much stuck with doing LTE derivatives and IoT services for survival, but is a non-player in 5G.

Qualcomm has been in this situation before, where Qualcomm pushed UMB as a 4G format but no one showed interest, so Qualcomm canned it and bet the farm on LTE.

Just like UMB no one is showing an interest in deploying the 5G NR, so Qualcomm should just scrap this and focus on LTE derivates too.
9/7/2016 | 5:07:21 PM
Re: 5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G
There's 150MHz coming available in the CBRS band and the FCC has upped transmit power limits to 47Db, that's not scotch mist. 

Anyway, the elephant in the room that I haven't written much on yet and you're way not interested in talking about -- because it breaks your rah-rah-rah Samsung story -- is exactly how long it will take to have new mmWave auctions in the US for the new spectrum. I don't know yet but it is going to be tight opening up those bands if 2020 is our target. I don't know if it will get done.


TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/7/2016 | 2:30:07 PM
5G is 28 Ghz in the US. Qualcomm is a non-player in 5G
This editorial looks nothing more than an act of desperation on Qualcomm's part, now that the FCC has made 28 Ghz the US 5G band but Qualcomm is years behind Samsung in mmwave 5G development.

Let's be realistic, there is no place in the US to deploy 5G NR as proposed by Qualcomm. Spectrum below 6 Ghz is an extremely valuable property with a 10 Mhz bandwidth in 700 Mhz band selling for tens of billions of dollars in current FCC auction a piece, and no US carrier can afford to buy up enough spectrum below 6 Ghz to be able to deploy 5G NR. Only Sprint can, but Softbank is not interested in 5G NR at all and is betting the farm on Chinese 5G.

In that case, Qualcomm's business opportunity is restricted to unlicensed LTE-U deployments in the 3.5 Ghz CBRS or 5 Ghz Wifi spectrum, but this is in no way considered 5G.

Qualcomm needs to admit that it has already lost the 5G race and refocus its attention on LTE variants such as LTE-M, NB-IOT, and V2X. Don't waste precisous resources on useless tech like 5G NR with no prospective takers. 5G NR has UMB's fate written all over it.
TV Monitor
TV Monitor
9/7/2016 | 2:16:38 PM
T-Mobile announces testing of Samsung 5G

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced it is collaborating with T-Mobile US on new demonstrations and lab tests designed to bring the power of 5G mobile networks to the masses. Through this collaboration, the companies will assess next generation network development in real-world mobile use cases and applications, and conduct lab and field trials that demonstrate a range of innovative 5G-driven capabilities.

The collaboration includes initial testing later this year of 5G mobility in an outdoor environment using T-Mobile's 28 GHz (mmWave) spectrum and Samsung's 5G proof of concept system, which will be enabled by Samsung's advanced beam forming technology. In early 2017, additional in-depth trials will continue using a Samsung pre-commercial 28 GHz system.

"We are excited to work with Samsung to see how we can bring to life key attributes of emerging 5G technology, including extreme speed, low latency and massive connectivity," said Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile. "Our collaboration with Samsung's networks technology will enable us to enhance 5G development and availability."

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