danielcawrey 9/7/2016 | 9:45:42 AM
Re: Not 3's only problem... While I don't mind Legere's antics, I'm sure there are some that do. It's really pretty un-CEO like when you think about it. 

Does it translate into gaining customers? Losing customers? It's hard to tell. I would think its more negative than positive, however. 
Gabriel Brown 9/7/2016 | 6:55:42 AM
Re: Not 3's only problem... There are some resonable points here, but also some glossing-over history.

O2 could have acquired more sectrum in the last auction. It deliberately didn't (I think because Telefonica wanted the cash flow and didn't want to invest it in spectrum). And so you could argue that O2's weaker spectrum holding is of its own-making (or Telefonica's making, if you prefer).

Three is a different case, but again, IIRC, it had preferential treatment in the last auction.

petercf 9/7/2016 | 5:56:00 AM
Ofcom - great at managing upwards Also Ofcom needs to consider 700MHz, if it introduces a cap now then it will be forced to do something in the 700Mhz auction when that happens in 2018/20.


Currently Ofcom is very good at doing one thing - managing up - and I am sure it will continue to do that ahead of anything creative.
[email protected] 9/7/2016 | 5:12:45 AM
Not 3's only problem... 3 UK's lack of fixed network infrastructure is going to be a major headache.

But I think the game of Blind Date that is the UK comms market will find ways to create new relationships in the coming years - Ofcom didn't want O2 and 3 to get married but there are other interesting unions that will be considered now that EE is part of BT, I'm sure.