R Clark 9/5/2016 | 9:49:23 PM
Re: Unified controller.... but why? It's the sign of a successful vendor being able to convince customers something that's good for you is great for them.

The other sign is the ability to come up with baffling new product categories.
[email protected] 9/5/2016 | 1:50:37 PM
Pilot With Telia in Sweden A pilot with Telia in Sweden? I know everyone has success in their rivals' back yards but that's got to be a hard one to hear about for the virtualization R&D team at Ericsson.
[email protected] 9/5/2016 | 1:25:36 PM
Unified controller.... but why? So this is an SDN controller to suit all occasions.... and this benefits...?

I'm not sure I understand why this product exists. Or is it just to make Huawei's life easier?

If I was a data center opeator, for example, would I be more attracted to an SDN controller optimized for data center network management? Likewise if I was a telco wanting an SDN controller to manage data services, I'd be more likely to go with an SDN controller designed to be mostly applicable to that scenario, wioldn't I?

Maybe I am missing something....  time to launch my espresso machine management software again perhaps...