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9/3/2016 | 12:57:03 PM
Re: Troubling...
This is why Android devices scare me. They are like the Windows OS of mobile. People don't upgrade their Android software, and I think it is easier for hackers to be able to exploit those devices. 
9/1/2016 | 1:52:11 PM
Re: Troubling...
Something may need to be created of that type, I agree. This is more than just a few errant companies, and we're effectively introducing tends of thousands of new attack vectors in homes and businesses everywhere, making us all immeasurably less safe. Often, ironically, under the pretense of improving home or business security. 
9/1/2016 | 1:43:00 PM
Re: Troubling...
"forgot the fundamentals".

Or never knew them in the first place, or sacrificed them in the interest of time-to-market or cost or size or power or convenience.  

I wonder about creating some kind of "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for consumer products that demonstrate at least somewhat-secure design.
9/1/2016 | 11:20:32 AM
Re: Troubling...

You've hit the nail on the head with that final comment. As Dale Drew notes above and said to me in his interview, equipment makers have been incredibly sloppy, not only in enabling security but in patching known hacks after they happen. 

This is definitely becoming a critical issue and if service providers are smart, they need to step up to helping consumers protect themselves.


9/1/2016 | 10:22:46 AM
This is really troubling. In just the last week I've read about hackable pacemakers, smart door locks with no real security, and "smart" electrical outlets that can be hacked to create tiny botnets in your own home, all of which actually make you less secure.

These companies were so keen on cashing in on the hype, they forgot the fundamentals. 

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