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8/31/2016 | 3:01:37 PM
The stuff happening on the infrastructure side
Speaking of delivery strategies on the network side, service providers are increasingly turning to software defined workflow models on standard COTS hardware to better orchestrate and manage services from the flood of HD/UHD media content. And how they maintain a high level of QoS is critical too, as they desperately seek reliable and scalable infrastructure (SW/HW) that can provision new resources seamlessly and automatically when something 'fails' in the network. Look too, at the Intel strategy to leverage x86 GPU resources to more cost-effectively compress more streams per rack enclosure as another means to solve the 'boring' yet 'staggering' volume of video consumption. Perhaps it is less talked about but equally exciting to see the developments going on there. There will be more to see and hear from Intel (and partners) during IBC.

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