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Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser
8/25/2016 | 4:11:34 PM
Downloaded content
In regard to pt.1 about the possibility of subscribers downloading and sharing that content with friends/family, do you think that would affect the subscribership rate? Netflix's move to allowing multiple users under one account didn't have a noticable negative impact on their business, but could the ability to download content to multiple devices have an impact on subscribership or profits?
steve q
steve q
8/25/2016 | 10:14:26 PM
Re: Downloaded content
I see Netflix and all the other programming like HBO, ESPN and Hulu. Going to ask Verizon, Comcast if they have plan's to be able to support their customer that are going to use those internet service. Verizon new 5G is a first step but it is still in testing and with google going into a Wi-Fi service to help handle the cost still have a faster internet speed then FiOS. The other option for those streaming company is to sign on with the Tv maker and have them build a app into each Tv .

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