inkstainedwretch 8/25/2016 | 1:37:14 PM
Re: squeezed out Some T&M companies are dedicated to the DevOps model, and others are skeptical that it's even applicable to T&M. The report touches on the subject.

--Brian Santo
brooks7 8/25/2016 | 10:51:08 AM
Re: squeezed out So my experience operating a SaaS operation with about 1,000 virtual instances (of course the actual number fluxuated) is that you need to build the test probes as part of the instances.  You can't count on them being anywhere in particular or how many there are or how they will link to the T&M environment.  Our NOC registered (and deregistered) instances as part of the instantiation process and the T&M functions that we actually depended on were recorded by the application itself and read/reported to a 3rd party OSS environment.

Between that stuff and the basics available from the servers themselves we were able to debug basically all the problems (or at least isolate them to the problem unit).  


jbtombes 8/25/2016 | 9:54:19 AM
squeezed out With the move toward DevOps culture, with its iterative sprints and quick releases, it almost seems as if testing - or at least traditional T&M - gets squeezed out. And vendors are trying to squeeze something else in as a replacement.
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