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8/24/2016 | 4:11:15 PM
Re: He's been away too long!
How much soup does one have to ladle to qualify for white-collar crime forgiveness?
Alison_ Diana
Alison_ Diana,
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8/24/2016 | 3:06:47 PM
Re: He's been away too long!
Call me a cynic, but did he change his ethics and morality or was this part of a plan to humanize him to US authorities? Now, if he and his wife actually ladled out soup at the kitchens several times a week I might be a bit more forgiving. Donating money he got allegedly by illegal means isn't that challenging; if I had millions and millions of someone else's money, I'd be very generous too.
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8/23/2016 | 4:59:42 PM
Re: He's been away too long!
Bigger question for me is why is he returning now -- after 10 years? From the news stories, I have read, it took two years of negotiations to get him to return.

Personally, I am glad to read that the charitable works he and his wife set up in Nambia won't end after he goes though. From MSNBC: "Specifically, since 2007, the Alexander family has financed and operated soup kitchens in Namibia that have served more than 750,000 nutritious meals to children in Katutura and Kuisebmond. These soup kitchens will continue to operate, employing seven people and feeding 700 children each day." 
User Rank: Light Sabre
8/23/2016 | 2:22:53 PM
Re: He's been away too long!
Interesting story. 

I'm wondering how this guy was able to get enough money into Africa to live in a gated community. Or why he got out on bail. Seems like there is more to this tale. 
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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8/23/2016 | 1:24:03 PM
Re: He's been away too long!
Someone in Alexander's position can do a lot more damage than someone knocking over a liquor store. 
[email protected],
User Rank: Blogger
8/23/2016 | 11:20:53 AM
He's been away too long!
Will there be justice at last? I doubt it. But at least Alexander was caught, but I wonder how much money he actually got out of the US that the authorities never tracked?

And how many jobs and careers suffered because of his fraudulent actions? We can only hope they still have the guts to throw the book at him. 

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