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Thanks again, Gary, Kelsey and all at lightreading. Thanks for the archives and the chance of fixing details  Tackilng DDoS),..............., Hoppe all of you have a very nice time

There are some great providers enabling that BTW. 

No one likes DDoS. Given the issues it has caused the internet in October, here's hoping we can do great things like decentralziing DNS. 

well equipped but always room for improvement especially considering how DDOS attacks are growing

Thanks Gary, and slide 12 is a great reference for us on the business impact. Thanks for an excellent and timely lecture this afternoon!! @Listeners we'll see you at Upskill U on Friday for Security: The Plusses and Minuses of Open Source Software

Yes, DDoS extortion was a big problem from late 2015 and continued throughout this year.

DNSSec could help if properly implemented but increased packet size could also increase the amplification rate if not properly configured

Thanks @Gary! Another Listener asked: 

Is there a rise in these DDoS extortion cases? Do they target smaller companies?

SDN could certainly be used for mitigation once a threat is detected and properly identified. 

@amikat application layer DDoS attacks (e.g. HTTP GET/POST flood) can be stopped before reaching the data center/internal network. Visibility is the key, but they are easily scrubbed upstream once detected.

Thanks Gary, Kelsey, good presentation. Have a nice day all

@Gary Listener Q: Can SDNs prevent or reduce DDoS?

(I believe misconfigurations of servers, etc., are functions of resources devoted to IT. Mr. Sockrider is right when he says it's a money problem [though he was talking about security of IoT devices].)

Thank you Gary, very good information


Thank you!  Very informative!

Thanks for the informative presentation!

Gary and Kelsey, Thanks for this informative presentation.

I turned the wifi on my Samsung washer and dryer off

Thanks @Michelle See you next time.

Thanks so much for this presentation, Gary & Kelsey! Timely content well presented.

(I have to head out early)

With the evolution of smart appliances, what would they call the next generation of dumbwaiters? 

Good and timely presentation. Thanks Garry Sockrider and Kelsey Ziser.

still room for improvements


plenty of room for improvement!

There is a lot of room for improvement 

Well prepared throgh Tier 1 Service Provider.

A lot of room for improvements

Probably a lot of room for improvement!

Always room for improvement.


Reply to 2nd listener poll: a lot of room for improvement to mitigate DDoS attacks

A lot of room to improve on DDoS mitigation

there is a lot of room for improvement 

There is certainly room for improvement


Slide 17: Is there any chance to tackle the application layer DDoS attacks (e.g. HTTP GET/POST flood) before reaching the data center/internal network ?

October is National Cyber-Security Awareness Month, everyone.

When possible disconnect from the network.

Very concerned, especially about IOT insecure devices

How can we segragate networks? What kind of router do we need to manage this?

Slide 14 definitely has some helpful resources to check out after this program


How can DNSSEC help in these attacks?

Agreed! DDoS preparations much like flood prep -- should be critical

If "for hire" why can't law enforcement find them?

Let's put the burden on Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to certify the software inside these IoT devices.

If we can secure all the things, will these attacks stop? I assume some other type of attack would surface (innovation!!!)

How can producers of simple smart devices keep cost down without compromise security? e.g. a smart light switch

Krebs' was massive before Friday's attack

Perhaps these people should clean their refrigerators.

@John and @dbay Definitely a funny mental image!

poll answer: I'm very concerned about IoT DDoS attacks. security is lax on so many of these products

("We already have refrigerators attacking people." LOL, but unfortunately it's true.)

Interesting choice of words...

"Refrigerators attacking people"!

Reply to 1st listener poll: somewhat concerned about DDos attacks from IoT devices.


Sleeper cells, but this time it is not humans, instead it is IoT devices. Robo attack!!

Q: "Agility in modifying attack vectors when mitigated" - how?

@Michelle some experts suspect that last Friday's DDoS was due to unpatched devices like TV and such.

Have unpatched smart TVs been involved in any of these botnet attacks? My tv hasn't updated in years (so it remains unconnected to my network).

@Kelsey, I agree and remeber Ms. Marty mentioning that, but security is not high on the list of subjects covered, except as a separate degree/diploma.

AAre there any early warning systems?

telegraphing the attacks and still the targets couldn't defend against?

Innovative approach to go with multi-vector attacks

ransomware is different than DDoS. right?

@gnean great idea, last week Rita Marty talked about how important it is for students to take security courses

I think attack-as a service providers are definitely on the rise from what I've been hearing @Michelle


point and click distribution is a scary development

very true! malware/ransomware attacks bring security to the forefront..

Do you know if attack-as-a-service providers (attackers) are on the rise? What can smaller companies do to thwart an attack? Anything?

I think Security should be a Computer Science 101 and a 400 level course, sort of start and end-off with security in mind.

Is there any kind of early warning system that can detect a potential attack? I assume security analytics could help quite a bit. What else is available?

Good, fast, cheap. Choose two.

Great questions everyone! We'll have our listener poll and ask Gary a question in just a few minutes. Keep your questions coming!


What portion of DDoS attacks is actually enabled by the misconfiguration (servers, network infrastructure, home devices)?

As with all technology... a lowering of costs equals more attacks

Is there a rise in these DDoS extortion cases? Do they target smaller companies?

Question for Gary Sockrider: Can SDNs prevent or reduce DDoS?

What are the tools available for enterprise customers who want to mitigate DDoS attacks with out relying on Service providers ?


The Dyn Report: http://www.zdnet.com/article/the-dyn-report-what-we-know-so-far-about-the-worlds-biggest-ddos-attack/

How about the spearfishing incident Mr. John Podesta fell victim to? He was sent a link to a fake G-mail login page and the thieves got his User ID and password. Whoaaaa!!!!!

The news networks (ABC/CBS/NBC) said that it was launched off IoT devices. Yikes!!

Reply to listener test poll: Favorite series of books is the "All Creatures..." series by James Herriot.

@Rinkobc9 I'll look into it for you. Just remember you need to meet the terms and conditions of the promotions to qualify. Terms and conditions are linked at the bottom of the email. 

Test Question: Bourne series of movies (I have not read all the books, though)

A webinar on DDoS is just a week late, given last Friday's DDoS attack, but it is better late than never.

same here ... bait and switch on the t-shirts

Hello @TeleWRTRLiz--I never receive any of the promotional items associated with these presentations.  Just saying.  I am owed a headlamp, t-shirts, adn numerous amazon and starbucks cards.

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Hi @Deeh! The shirts are one size fits all so sadly, you can't specify sizes. I'll check on the other promotions for you -- be sure to check the terms and conditions on the promotions, too. Looking forward to the class today!

Hi @TeleWRTRLiz I never received any of the free items advertised items. Do you know who we give t-shirt size info?

Good afternoon all, pretty windy here in Ohio

@Kelsey Ziser ("@John last Friday's attack was pretty bad! I was trying to get on Twitter all day with no success of course."): Even our Roku had problems connecting to its servers.

Good noon, ready to learn, greetings to all

Of course Krebs is going to claim he was hit worst of all!

Question: On slide 13, it asks if businesses are prepared for a DDoS attack. Is there a way to make a business site invulnerable to these attacks? (For instance, how well does identifying and blocking rogue IP addresses work if the addresses are being spoofed?)

@John last Friday's attack was pretty bad! I was trying to get on Twitter all day with no success of course.

(From slide 10) Brian Krebs's blog was hit with one of the biggest DoS attacks in history? I wonder if that distracted DoS attacks from other websites.

@ppgg78 Go Cubs! Last night's game, though. ugh! 

@dbay672 t-shirts haven't gone out yet ; )

Hi All! Looking forward to today's class that's for sure. Very timely, I'll say.

Has anyone received their free t-shirt yet (ha ha)?


Present and accounted for!


morning everyone.  Eagerly awaiting rich content and a lively discussion


Good to see so many on the chat already, hope you're all having a great day! Looking forward to hearing from Gary!

Greetings from CHICAGO!! go Cubs!

Greetings from México, the day before

Greetings & salutations everyone!

Which IDC report(s) is Mr. Sockrider referencing above?

This is a timely topic! Just today, Dyn suffered a major outage after a DDoS attack.


Interested to hear more from Gary on how to customize solutions for different types of businesses.

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