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Wow.  If I were to turn Technology into a political philosophy it would be this webinar.  There may be value in this but I don;t see it.


favorite sport to watch - hockey


@greenmail777 drop me a note and I will introduce you to the good folks from Chattanooga. :)

@Will thanks again, we really enjoyed it!

Had not has Giga Cities conference...

Thanks, everyone! I hope that was interesting.

If you have any more questions or comments, etc., you can reach me on Twitter @willbarkis or via email at [email protected]

yes I would like to get info on the Chattanooga catalysts,  KC has Gigacities conference this Spring,  but it was mainly the city discussing it's approach to the policies behind releasing the "big data" with R as the analytics tool

Re the smart grid, I think there are different uses like fault isolation devices you mention but I don't know if CHattanooga is doing that. I think they are using the connectivity to understand the status of their grid with better spatial and temporal resolution. I don't know the details of just what they're doing with their grid but they tout that they have had a great return on their fiber investment just from the grid improvements alone.

Maybe it is just a question of encodeing and then cross mapping,  but there are limited classifications or types, that discovered with the blind fold tests, of olfaction

@greenmail777 -- VERY interesting question re smell/olfaction. I don't know the exact number of olfactory sensory neurons but as far as I understand it the encoding of the information is not well understood. That said, the temporal resolution may be lower. 

Will, to your point,  Google has slowed it's fiber deployment,  I think rethinking trenching and moving to Fiber to the distribution point,  (wireless distribution points)  with testing licenses granted to a limited area in downtown KC.


Thanks all.  Interesting perspectives across the board.

@Will like fault isolation devices for the smart grid?

Thanks everyone for such great questions and thanks to @Will and @Kelsey! Till Friday, folks!

Chattanooga is using their network a lot of different ways. Some of it is for understanding the state of their electric power grid and helping respond to down time after storms and things. They are also using it to demonstrate a few educational applications like controlling a 4K microscope based at USC remotely. They are doing a bunch of really great stuff and I am happy to put you in touch with some of the comminity catalysts there if you want to learn more specifics.

@Will thanks for an excellent start to our Gigabit series, this has been very enlightening! And thanks for sticking around to answer our questions. @Listeners thanks for tuning in today and we'll see you back here on Friday for Gigabit & the Great Migration

How about Smell?  I would imagine the neurons used for processing smell would be more data intensive than visual.  

Thanks Kelsey, looking forward to that lecture.  I am in Kansas City and the Smart City initiatives are on everyone's mind.

And wireless can go beyond gigabit speeds as well.

Re which types of media can support "gigabit" -- eg copper, fiber, coax -- most of them are capable of getting into the realm that I consider gigabit.

It gets a little complicated for each type of pipe.

wow that's pretty amazing @Will....so maybe 10 years from now, we'd be close to that

@greenmail we'll be diving more into smart cities on 10/5 w/Joe Kochan from US Ignite

Each eye has ~1 million neurons that process all of the output from the eye. Each can fire maximally at 500 Hz and each takes 2 ms to recover.

So 1 million x 500 Hz = 500 Mbps

So 1 gbps should get you into the realm of visual perception. Just for vision of course, you would need to simulate the other sense too. :)

Do you know how Chattanooga using Gigabit for Smart Cities?

oh I'd love to know how much bandwidth we'd need for the Matrix

@Will Listener Q - Is Gigabit for copper/fibre or does it include wireless? Can DSL support gigabit throughput?

Ha, thanks @TeleWRTRLiz. :)

Here's my quick back of the napkin estimate of the bandwidth you would need for the matrix:


Great question re the virtualization roadmap and one that I would need to touch base with the Orange Fiber team to discuss.

Sorry, I can't say more than that.

excellent class today! Super interesting class. Look forward to seeing everyone in the Matrix, I guess.

Yes; very interesting Will

Thank you Will & Kelsey for a great presentation. Truly informative!


Hey all -- hope you found that interesting. :)

@Will Listener Q - 

Is Orange already using virtualized PON architecutre to support Gigabit? Can you elaborate more about the virtualization roadmap?

wow @greenmail you are lucky indeeed! No providers by me yet.

Will,Kelsey Excellent information, Webinar, Thanks very much!

great talk—look forward to seeing everyone in the terabit age

Four competitors in my city, Consolidated, ATT, TWC and Google. I'm lucky.


open you mouth and say ahhh  4K UHD video for diagnostic medicine, dr office visits in the decline

It will most likely make it to the cities first then roll across the nation much as we saw with high speed years ago.

I feel like its tough to communicate the benefits to the general public, which hinders sources of funding and the ability to take down political barriers

Cost is the biggest barrier. In order to deploy Gigabit Broadband services to all people, fibre needs to be run to each and every home and that is a very expensive proposition.

 My name is Sam from Nigeria, Will the cost be affordable to consumers ?


COST COST and reaching rual America in a cost effective way. Should not include additional taxes

The company I work for is providing Gigabit in NE Montana as well as NW North Dakota. I have observed the biggest hurdle as convincing the communities that it is a necessary product. We also had to wait for regulation to catch up to the industry.


who is going to fund it..


Also regulation is a big one. Look at Google Fiber. They are retreating because of all the barriers. 

infrastructure costs (include regulatory, NIMBY, etc costs)

Infrastructure investment and Time to market

cost - or lack of approximate costs for planning


Another Question for Will: Could you explain the underlying technology behind providing Gigabit Ethernet?

Listeners, what is the biggest challenge to gigabit broadband deployment? Cost, legislation, infrastructure barriers, or something else?

Bonus poll question?  I think cost will be the barrier.

Infrastructure barrier, right of way.

What about the physical infrastructure barriers? Seems like a huge challenge. 

Interesting thought but would tax payers support it?

You are a wonderful hostess, Kelsey! 

Great Lecture-Thanks for sharing your expertise Will

health, education would be great


I loved the idea of musicians coloborating from miles away! Think of the great music that could result. Thanks for a great session.

Smart cities are really interesting – municipalities could really use this to become more efficient. 

Analyzing the impact of multiple medications being mixed would be interesting (like blood thinners with SSRIs)

@darrellk I don't see General Electric being one of the top beneficiaries of the gigabit age. Unless I can load my dishwasher with my super computer.

Good presentation. Thanks Will Barkis and Kelsey Ziser.

Thanks @Kelsey for putting forth my question. Thanks Will for the answer :)

Which city or community will be the first "Smart City"?

Not sure yet which of these applications will be the most important in the future for GE. At present, the majority of applications appear to be enterprise based as they are the only ones that can afford it.

Will the gigabit be outdated/ourmoded very soon, given the amount of data that will be pushed through the network? IoT, streaming video, cloud-based things, etc.

All of the above, driven by telemetry of Internet of Things in communities & smart cities and video streaming - latter being both business and consumer

FTT distribution Point  FTTdp 

Smart Cities and Health/Education

Whats you bet for the access technology to ultimately deliver Gigabit - Wired, FIxed Wireless, other?



ready to get started



Answer to the poll question: All of the above

Smart cities and business applications

Was PlanIT Impact used in any of the recent developments in San Francisco (like China Basin & South Beach)?

Consumer applications – I think this is an area that needs a lot more innovation. 

What are the biggest opportunities for gigabit services in your community?

·        Consumer applications

·        Business applications

·        Smart Cities / Communities

·        Health, education or other public benefit domain areas?

engagement minimizes some multitasking too


The TED talk about in class education application of the 3D conferencing is very interesting.


Immersive experiences have so many useful applications. 

Costs I expect will go up my cable company alreadycharges more for higher speed downloads

A software library system would be very convenient

Is Orange already using virtualized PON architecutre to support Gigabit? Can you elaborate more about the virtualization roadmap?

Interesting use cases here – some of these are far off, but would be really useful...

How long do you think it will be before will be functional on mobile?

Question for Will Barkis: Will the cost go up or can the consumers see a decrease in cost of broadband? I don't see any any reason to pay more for a highspeed download for streaming video at home.

Sounds like Nvidia GRID will become a familar term amongst teenage boys in the near future haha

Hi everyone, we're coming up on Q&A soon, get your questions in for Will!

@daniel sounds like it's a yes!

Do you see VR as a great growth area in the near future?

High Speed and Low Latency


Will products like Frame put less stress on improvements in computer hardware?

Question for Will Barkis: Do we need to replace our 802.11N wireless routers?

Is FRAME only for enterprises? Or could this also be a vendor-based consumer offering?

actually, unlimitted compute capacity for the corporate world,

but high speed seems more attractive for individual consumption

latency, compute capacity


Are gigabit networks interoperable with legacy Ethernet networks

Low latency and High speed

High Speeds and High Reliability

Unlimited compute capacity and low latency


high speed, low latency  (are the only attributes specific to GE)

In your opinion, what are the top two biggest benefits of gigabit broadband services? High-speeds, unlimited compute capacity, low-latency, or high reliability?

high speeds, unlimited compute capacity

High reliability, high speed


low latency high bandwidth


low latency, the capacity provided by high speed

low latency, high reliability

unlimited compute capacity

high reliability

High Reliability and High Speed, in that order.

Can DSL support gigabit throughput?

GigaStudio - seems like a pretty good idea. Like a lab for gigabit. 

Question for Will Barkis: When Google cancelled laying gigabit fibre in one of the cities due to a wireless technology that beams Internet at a lesser cost, Does this not mark the beginning of the end of fibre? If not replacing all fiber but at least to some extent?

Great analogy - selling lamborghinis

Gigabit age. A good one. Sounds French.

Question for Will Barkis: With this high throughput does the wireless signal become powerful affecting human/animal health? Something that concerns me a great deal.

Question for Will Barkis: Is Gigabit for copper/fibre or does it include wireless?

@Wwlau @Rinkobc9 I'll also look into that for you as well 

I have received nothing--no headlamps, amazon, t-shirt or starbuck cards--who should I complain to about this???

@gnean, we'll look into your certificates and all for you.

favorite sports to watch - tennis

Question for Will Barkis: Can the existing US infratructure handle Gigabit throughput? Where are the potential bottlenecks?

Yes, I agree with @dbay672. I am waiting for my headlamps and Amazon gift certificates from months ago. :-)

@dbay yes, you'll receive a t-shirt!

Free t-shirt?  I'll believe it when I see it.  I'm guessing it is a gimmick to up the attendance count, right?


Since I am Canadian, of course I must say Hockey

Sorry, to noised here I need to leave. I will have the recorded versipon. Have nice session

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Favorite "sport" is football to watch.

Hello from Sunny Vancouver, BC :)

Hello from Calgary, AB cloudy and gloomy here


Pacific water is still warm ("pineapple express" water)

Kelsey,Want the Drizzle along with the Chilly Temps?


cold and rainy here in Chicagoland....had to get my sweater on. I think Fall is here.

So excited for today's show!!

@Will ha! Sounds wonderful. @Jack Yum! I just had cereal today

Will, that Cold Pacific water in the bay


FAV Breakfast Today Scrambled Eggs & sausage,Plenty of Samatra coffee,lol


Hello from Sunny/Foggy San Francisco there, Jack. Yes, it's both sunny and foggy.

Welcome @Will, we're looking forward to your course today! @Jack - send some of that cooler weather down to North Carolina ;)

Good day everyone from rainy México. Ready to learn about Giga trends

Looking forward to the discussion!

Good Afternoon from overcast chilly Boston

Hi All! Looking forward to today's class!

Hi everyone!!! Hi @Kelsey! Looking forward to this session!

@william yes, good tip! Hi there @georgia, good to see you on the chat!

you may need to reload browser in order to see the link. I did.

@cindy there's a link to download them in the "Special educational materials" section located above the live chat that says "Presentation: Gigabit 101"

can you provide more info re the slides to download - just not seeing them


Hi everyone! Good to see you all on the chat. Will's slides are available for download above the live chat window if you'd like to go ahead and take a look.

Good morning All, I'm looking forward to listening to Will

Good to see so many on the chat already! Looking forward to hearing from Will...start thinking about what questions you would like to ask him!

Greetings and salutations all!

This would be a great opportunity to learn about next generation broadband technologies!

Looking forward to learning about the how as I'm pretty sold on the why!

Really excited about this gigabit series! Looking forward to learning more about the about the why, not just the how.

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