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Great questions @awgill and @danielcawrey - glad you all could tune in to the archive!

Plus: Developer ecosystem is robust.

Minus: Who is really running the store?

My question is this - with an ever gorwing complexity in networks, software and devices/components - how does one keep the wolves at bay.  Banks, large corporates and even small community free wifi gets hacked and violated - there seems to be no target that is out of bounds.

How do you keep your company safe?

I think its less secure - more folks can see thecode and hence find ways to defeat it

Favourite Snack = Pizza


Missed the whole thing - doing the archive too!!


@faryl it continues right here on the chat! Speakers can go back and answer questions from folks that listened to the archive.

@Kelsey Thank you! This may be a silly question, but where does the "conversation continue" if we watch archived lectures?

@Nick thanks for an excellent lecture today!! @Listeners enjoy study week, catch up on past courses and earn your certificate! We'll see you back here on 11/9 for MANO 101

@faryl more information on our certificate program is here: http://www.lightreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=722353<op=yes

@Kelsey - I didn't know there were certificates! I thought these were just for learning & having fun! Now I have a new challenge/goal! Yay!
@Kelsey - thanks for reposting my question Nick answered that while he was speaking; he said it is considered open source :)
Thanks, Nick! Your explanations were very "accessible" for those of us first learning!

@Nick Listener Q: 

Is Security Check a part of Quality Testing of Open source software? In a DevOps operation using new releases from OSS, how can security be enhanced?

I feel like I missed one of the poll questions! :-P

Very good presentation, thank you Nick, Kelsey and all,....., have a very secure  and nice weekend

Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates see you in a week!

Here's a link to the Mozilla Foundation, FYI.


Are there any financial benefits for using open source?

@Nick Listener Q: 

Is the Ethereum/DAO project be considered open source?

I'll keep hanging out here on chat for the next 10 minutes!

@gnean yes next week is a study week so you can catch up on previous courses! It's a good opportunity for listeners to work their way toward the Upskill U certificate!

Thanks, everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the lecture!

Thank you Nick. Very good information!!

Faryl wow I can't speak without my coffee!!!

@maryam :) glad that made sense - I haven't had coffee yet!

Thanks Nick and Kelsey for that great talk!


thanks for all the insights Nick!


Thanks for answering my question; I do agree that implementation may be the bottleneck!

Thank you for the presentation.

Thanks Nick & Kelsey excellent,information, presentation...

Thanks, Nick.  This was interesting.

I'm enjoying the presentation too @gneangodav8v

Great presentation...Thanks Nick & Kelsey

Open source isn't just developers - there's still a software development cycle - it's no different than proprietary with respect to needing security experts.

A good presentation to wrap up the series. Thanks, Nick Feamster and Kelsey Ziser.

Key consideration could also be the tipping point : what is the total TCO of caring and feeding a opensource initiative versus a COTS software



Good point about newer source code but how do we use newer code with some level of reliability/confidence?

@maryam I meant more that just as you'd hire programmers with the experience necessary for proprietary, you'd hire developers with the experience with open source (e.g., you don't need special open source consultants to work on programs running on apache, just developers familiar with apache.)

dfperson good question Nick are their good sites where developers can get some security training on open source?


Slide 29: What I am missing here is the fact(?) that if there is a security vulnerability issue with the OSS no one in the Open Source community is obliged to help - can you please comment?

Do you think security is the number one concern that service providers have about open source software? Or do you think operators are more concerned with one of the following: software stability, interoperability, vendor support, integration, cost of switching to open source, or competitive differentiation?

Yes it is for any software. When accepting software for deployment all these need to be taken under consideration.

Since open source developers are not security experts, what other suggestions do you have to fill that security gap?

Migration to open source/ security

Nick where do you recommend that indiduvuals look for support on open source?

Poll Answer: I think security & support, though they're based more on a perceptions about open source vs proprietary

Security and all of the other issues

faryl many developers I know don't feel expereinced enough to get into open source they want someone who has used it extensively to bring it into their company

vendor support and licensing

The issues most commonly surfaced to me are interoperability,integration and security...

Security is the primary concern, then all other issues become equal.

Vendor support. Security is a concern depending on the application/usage of the Open Source software.

@maryam I think it would be treated as any other software - you need experienced developers with any software
Security and all of the above

support and integration 

2nd listener poll question: stability

Do you think security is the number one concern that service providers have about open source software? Or do you think operators are more concerned with one of the following: software stability, interoperability, vendor support, integration, cost of switching to open source, or competitive differentiation?

It seems like it would be hard to determine when to implement a piece of open source code since it is so iterative. When is best how do you tell?

I would hire a consultant...to help with the transition
zero days is an issue for all software

Would you recommend hiring an open source consultant to manage the development and inplementation process if you don't have the skills in house?

Great questions everyone, we're coming up on Q&A shortly so get your questions for Nick in!

how much of the app market is open source

Thank you for the response re: licensing. :)
Poll Answer: I don't think it can be painted with broad brush strokes - as with non-open source software, it depends on the specific software
Thanks for answering my question Nick!
Can you please explain about various open source licensees for usage in commercial purpose?
@hh3289 I think that would be daunting for many experienced users as well. I think the "intended audience" for each project are those familiar with the coding language being used - typical end users would need to hire programmers just as they would for any other software project.

possibly more secure!


that is a function of time & feature development.  Bugs are fixed, bugs are introduced.  As long as more good people inspect the code than 'bad' people, the code will become more secure over time.

I don't know if I can say one way or the other -- getting more secure but maybe still a way to go

more secure in most ways


less in some ways more secure in other ways

independent of number of eyes

can be less deplending on who is looking at it

Maryam, try refreshing your browser. My audio is fine.

1st Listener Poll: More secure

good one @dfperson will get to that shortly!

What advice would you give a company who is interested in open source? In other words, what's the best way to vet?

FYI: Pausing, then playing, the audio doesn't actually pause. It simple restarts the show from the beginning. 


Thanks for answering my question!

Conflicts can be costly if they casue performance isues or create security vulnerabilities because of conflicts with existing software. Whats the best way to asses the conflict issue?

So the big question is what is the total TCO of caring and feeding a opensource initiative versus a COTS software

Don't you feel security is better since there are many more eyes on the source? where proprietary code is written by a minimum number of developers.

Is the Ethereum/DAO project be considered open source?

The average user reading code on every application they use can be daunting task.

do you recommend attending apachecon?


Slide 9:

These are clearly advantages for Open Source DEVELOPERS. Does that imply that an Open Source USER should hire an expert to be on the safe side?

Q: your take on the note "no bodies baby"?

@dfperson - specially in Enterprises that run mission critical business applications where outages can be costly.

I have also seen questions about conflicting code being an issue

Has anyone here participated in a hackathon? How did it go?

I agree support is always a concern but so is security...

Glad you could join us @gloria!

@dfperson. Quite right. Support and liability.

I think that one main concern is support. I think companies just want to be able to contact someone whenever something goes wrong.

Sorry my pc loaded two sessons.

How do you make those decsions about who gets to add or change code?

Good Afternoon from drizzle chilly Boston, Apple Ciders Donuts for Breakfast this AM Kelsey



good one @mrobuck, will get to some questions with Nick shortly!

Are there big security differences in SDN controllers for ONOS, OpenDaylight, etc? 

@gnean that sounds delicious!

How many people are speaking?


Does it have to meet all criteria? Or is there "flavors" like Creative Commons offers?

@Kelsey I just went through a batch of guey cinnamon rolls, I baked. The next batch I will think of you.

Here's a link to our open source series if you'd like to check out any of those courses later! http://www.lightreading.com/lecture-calendar.asp#lecture_track_cgid_27 

Is Security Check a part of Quality Testing of Open source software?In a DevOp operation using new realeases from OSS, how can security be enhanced ?


It's the new hip source code hosting platform

Red Hat seems to be a fairly good model of support options for OS software. 

Good one @gnean I'll ask Nick that shortly!

Yup, I use use Open Source

@LAronowitz maybe refresh & hit play? It's working for me on an iphone.

Getting hungry with these great snack choices!

Has IT Management bought into Open Source software for mission front-end work, as opposed to applications like code control, bug tracking, reporting, etc?

@LAronowitz try refreshing your browser

my favorite snack is the one that's most readily available! even pretzels will do (sometimes)

I missed the question - if we are talking snacks: rice krispy treats!
Good morning from San Diego!

It was a good module, and very timely.

Veggies-allergice to everything

trail mix w/ dark chocolate

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Happy Halloween its scary cold in the Northeast!

Dorritos (little pieces of gold)

dark chocolate almonds 

pretzles are my favorite snack!

Reply to test question: Favorite snack today is the seasonally appropriate caramel apple.

Happy Halloween to everyone (a bit early, but...)

hello from NY where it is not Fall weather!

@Kelsey Ziser, you are a bonafide Tar Heel? Been to NC twice on vacation. Wish I could have gone to the shore when the horseshoe crabs come ashore.

Hi all from Ohio-Looking forward to today's presentation

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Question: The conclusion on the last slide appears to come down on the side of open source software. There, you say "Some risks exist (e.g., open-source libraries), but these are arguably no greater than in a widely deployed proprietary library." When you get a chance, would you mind summarizing the argument that a proprietary library has risks on a par with open source, or did I misunderstand the presentation?

Hi all! Great to hear from Nick again. TGIF!

great day in north east fl 

Wonderful weather in Indiana today 

Good noon from overcast and cold day in México

can't wait for totday's show!

@Kesey. Yes it is lovely. I have family in CH.

@william, @hlee, @fuzzylogic and @william how are you all doing today? Any fun weekend plans?

@LAronowitz wow, small world! That's a beautiful venue! UNC-CH is my alma mater so I'm partial to that area :)

@Kelsey  My husband and I got married at the Carolina Inn! We love NC (and NYC!)

@LAronowitz it's back up to the 70s in NC, we have the strangest weather!

@Kelsey. No yet, but it sort of has that feel. Maybe

for Thanksgiving :)

Hi @Nick We can't wait for your course today!! 

Looking forward to today's lecture, everyone!

Looking forward to the lecture! 

Greetings & salutations everyone!

We're excited to have you lecture again at Upskill U, Nick, we're looking forward to it!

Looking forward to giving this lecture, everyone!

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