Kelsey Ziser 8/12/2016 | 5:01:44 PM
Re: Interesting perspective @Linsey Well said! I hadn't heard of "imposter syndrome" but it makes a lot of sense. Women just need to go for it - instead of worrying about failing or looking like a fraud, we should focus on jumping at opportunities that have the potential to advance our careers. It's probably cliche, but it's the mistakes that ultimately help us hone our skills, we shouldn't be quite so fearful of them. 
Linseymiller 8/12/2016 | 3:51:31 PM
Interesting perspective Rita's perspective about the imposter syndrome is incisive - and one I didn't consciously process until reading this and thinking back on my experience in product marketing in particular.  I love when I meet other women in tech who also may have walked along these lonely roads but now can inspire others. Women have the innate ability to manage complexity and multitask in ways that men acknowledge and value, and I think this diversity is so needed in tech among teams.
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