kq4ym 8/24/2016 | 11:09:04 AM
Re: Full Duplex with D-CCAP This will be an interesting development to watch as noted " the potential to enable symmetrical 10-gigabit broadband over legacy hybrid fiber-coaxial," is not a minor achievement. If the echo cancellation can successfully be worked out this should provide a lower cost solution to the 10 gig target.
jbtombes 8/12/2016 | 6:31:22 PM
gating factor Another gating factor is number of active devices in the access plant. Full duplex calls for N+0, i.e. no actives after the node. So it could be complementary with DAAs (whichever flavor) which aim to push nodes much deeper than they are now. 
JackZhuhong 8/11/2016 | 8:17:48 PM
Full Duplex with D-CCAP New technologies will bring fresh vendors such as Huawei and Nokia which is helpful for the cable industry. Game changing time.
msilbey 8/11/2016 | 9:53:04 AM
Re: Arris? Good question. I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough.
mrobuck 8/10/2016 | 9:54:35 PM
Arris? Good story. Where is Arris in regards to full duplex?