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Solution71458 7/28/2016 | 4:43:08 AM
First port of call everyday - thank you! Hi Steve & all the Light Reading folk,


Congratulations - as someone who visits your site with the first cup of coffee of the day, everyday, I wanted to say congratulations and thank you to you and the team. Your news, topics, insights, subjects and interviews have kept me informed for many years. 

Very best of luck!
[email protected] 7/28/2016 | 6:47:34 AM
Re: First port of call everyday - thank you! Thanks.

This is a very exciting development for Light Reading!! 
barry.french 7/28/2016 | 9:31:48 AM
Congratulations Exciting news coming from Light Reading today.  Congratulations and best wishes to everyone on the LR team! Cheers, Barry 
Steve Saunders 7/28/2016 | 10:19:40 AM
Re: Congratulations thanks Barry - it's a major development, no doubt!
Joe Stanganelli 7/28/2016 | 10:21:08 AM
Congrats Congratulations, Steve.  Big news indeed!  Very interested to see what's next for you and LR (and, now, Informa).
schmuck 7/28/2016 | 11:07:17 AM
Congratulations!!! Congratulations Steve. Very happy for you and your team. Look forward to this powerful combination continuing to partner with operators, vendors, etc to shape the future of our industry. Kelly
Steve Saunders 7/28/2016 | 11:09:56 AM
Re: Congratulations!!! thanks! 
batye 7/28/2016 | 11:28:44 AM
:) congrats :) 
Monique Hayward 7/28/2016 | 11:32:08 AM
Great News! Steve and Team - This is very exciting news! Congrats on the deal with Informa. I'm excited to see what's next for Light Reading and Heavy Reading at this very critical point in time in the telecommunications industry. Monique
brooks7 7/28/2016 | 11:56:20 AM
Re: Great News! Pretend I entered a link to my post the last time you sold LightReading.


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