DanJones 8/10/2016 | 4:42:01 PM
Re: Pricing... McAdam said it will be cheaper to deploy than FiOS! Don't know how they've worked that out yet. Seems like the backhaul costs could be, er, dramatic to say the least.
DanJones 8/10/2016 | 4:40:34 PM
Re: Good to see Verizon is Doing it You could be waiting a long time. They're pushing 2017 as a development year. So let's say fixed wireless commercial starts -- maybe in late 2017? -- maybe 2018? NYC won't be first to get 5G. It's gonna be a nightmare to backhaul and string radios up every 1,000 meters -- probably much less distance -- in Manhattan. I think late 2018 will be highly optimistic for NYC, 2019 more likely, for the FIXED variant, that is.
rjrock 8/7/2016 | 5:40:22 AM
Good to see Verizon is Doing it After so much talk about 5G, finally, Verizon is doing it.

4G adaptation is higher than 3G and I believe when 5G will come things will be changed.

I have been using 4G in my STD Testing Clinic in NYC and waiting for the 5G launch here in New York.
KBode 7/27/2016 | 3:28:33 PM
Pricing... I will be absolutely fascinated to learn just how much faster, lower latency 5G is going to cost consumers. Especially the fixed variety Verizon so desperately wants to be a replacement for DSL.
MrGreen 7/27/2016 | 10:13:56 AM
Straight Path "STRP" has signed some leases wonder if they also signed option to sell company?