linkedin72741 7/26/2016 | 3:30:53 PM
Re: 5G? As a former Ericsson insider, I think Vestberg generally installed a good vision and sound strategies, but I guess he ran out of time to install a fundamental organisational culture shift desperatly needed.  It's going to take a lot more than a new CEO to turn things around. From my humble perspective the company's e2e execution is too often inflexible and bloated, rendering it slower than rivals and raising internal costs. Keeping services and product distinct is a good example, but the issue is deeper and rooted across the organisation throughout several processes (and yes, some crusty corporate drones who lack vision and guts).  Decisions by concensus involving multiple layers.  As much as Ericsson ican pride itself on having great internal systems, it is these very systems that have become delibitating.  
DanJones 7/26/2016 | 11:01:30 AM
Re: 5G? Hardly, a lot of the initial 5G spend will be in US, so, no Huawei.
mendyk 7/26/2016 | 10:26:58 AM
Re: 5G? It will if everyone else rolls over and gives up.
sowen557 7/26/2016 | 10:24:45 AM
Re: 5G? Wont most of this spend on 5G go to Huawei?  
mendyk 7/26/2016 | 9:26:47 AM
Re: 5G? Nortstrom's points about probable sources of internal inefficiencies sound valid, but then again, they are points that can be made about any large organization. And it's hard to identify a board of directors that isn't overly fond of long naps -- counting bags of money rather than sheep.
[email protected] 7/26/2016 | 9:18:08 AM
Re: 5G? I would say there's a good chance that Nordström might find himself in the minority in some of his views.

But he sees the market as one that is only shrinking in value.

If it proves to be otherwise, I'm sure there will be more than a few of his countrymen pointing that out to him...
mendyk 7/26/2016 | 9:06:31 AM
5G? Ray -- Given what is almost certain to be a massive reconstruction of mobile networks with 5G, and the expectation that almost everyone on the planet will be a mobile user by the end of the next decade, it's hard to see how this sector can be characterized as one that has already peaked.
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