Faisal Khan 7/25/2016 | 3:04:58 PM
Unstoppable Huawei, simply unstoppable ! Ironically the results came around the same time when Ericsson CEO is shown exit door owing to poor performance
sowen557 7/25/2016 | 9:48:28 AM
Re: Not a shock but still eyebrow-raising... Monster truck keeps on coming!  Nothing can stop them in any market they want to participate in. Congratulations, we all bow down to the new master.  
[email protected] 7/25/2016 | 9:22:03 AM
Not a shock but still eyebrow-raising... The 40% sales growth is not a massive surprise but it is still shocking in a way that, even with an already massive business and in somewhat lean times, any company can continue to grow its sales at that pace. Just extraordinary....
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