kq4ym 7/28/2016 | 1:28:58 PM
Re: Shift Maybe the increasing prices and competitive offerings from others are starting to hurt Netflix as folks either realize they don't need another video service or don't want to keep paying higher subscriptions fees?
inkstainedwretch 7/20/2016 | 9:13:49 PM
Bandwidth / encoding I'm fascinated by the bandwidth / encoding dynamic. Where Netflix is paying for bandwidth, of course it makes sense to try to achieve better encoding efficiency to reduce the amount of bandwidth it needs. But won't the transition to 4K represent one step forward, two steps back, so to speak?

-- Brian Santo
mendyk 7/19/2016 | 2:00:40 PM
Re: Shift The other problem with Netflix is that once you reach a certain point in customer growth, those growth rates begin to slow down. But that's an issue for all companies, whether or not they (and their investors) want to acknowledge it. As for pinning hopes on original programming, that's always a crapshoot. No one this side of Max Bialystock sets out to create a flop intentionally, and yet the parade of flops is endless.
danielcawrey 7/19/2016 | 1:48:43 PM
Re: Shift The problem with Netflix is that the lineup of shows is not as diverse and some might think. They are betting pretty heavily on original programming, and not all of that is working out.

For some people, this doesn't make Netflix a service they feel the need to pay for year-round. Yes, some people really are that price conscious. 
mendyk 7/19/2016 | 9:43:03 AM
Shift Netflix is at the point in its lifecycle where the "story" has to shift from growth to improved business fundamentals. If Mr. Hastings is as good at controlling the narrative as he seems to have proven so far, he'll start herding the market-watching sheep in that direction -- assuming, of course, that he buys into the whole lifecycle thing.
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