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Regarding the effects of latency on coud densification, most latency minimization techniques are effective for data center connections within a metro. In wide area (trans-continental) applications, distance-driven latency, which cannot be eliminated or significantly decreased, overwhelms all other sources. Are applications being developed to accomodate this latency?

fav spot a paradise-like beach anywhere

This session was more of a visionary based perspective but it is nice to have such perspective

Security shall be evluated properly for DCI, now the optical vendors are giving optical encryption on top of the encryption of the end user

Nice to know, not only connectivity is needed but also agility like scaling up and scaling down

Companies like Ciena, ALU, Cisco are briging up new low latency DWDM cards to connect DCs

For low latency, the DWDM to connect DCIs would need low latency transponders

Poll: Not well,  It needs more education for using open source for interconnect

Data Center Interconnet will explode thanks to explosion of clouds

It is interesting how the public cloud and private growing compared to traditional IT

POLL- Skillset in operation of Data centers is the biggest challenge


Interesting , how the networking connectivity moves from rings to mesh connectivity. Mesh becomes more mesh,  Any technology that helps efficiently connect this mesh has a future

It would be good to take advanage of Rodney experiecne today, great topic

Thank you.  Excellent and informative.

Can you elaborate more on modular design (build part, slide 10)?

People skills on slide 4 seems to become less and less important with time especially in light of rising importance of technology. Do you see it dropping even lower or becoming unnecesary in future? Given virtualization of environment, what skills you believe is worth investing in?

What is the most innovative data center you have seen?

Thanks again everyone.

I've got to sign off. 



Thanks @Rodney for answering our questions! 

Question: On slide 4, BA/Analytics is listed as top importance for CIO IT spending.

Unfortunately I'm not sure I'm best to answer how these positions are being filled. 

@RodneyE606: Thank you for answering my question about QoE.

Great class @Rodney! I learned a lot. Thanks so much. Till next time @Kelsey.

We're seeing customers - strategically choose what components to move from exaisting data centers, it's not a zero sum game, its a migration.  As architectures and applications are being 're-imagined' not all components 'make the move' espeically when the moves are driven by examples like - technology refresh, or oppportunity initatives, an example might be a manufacture where they are moving work loads "to the edge" and doing more analytics on the factory floor, which then needs interconnectivity to 'cloud' assets. 

Quality of Experience - its in reference to the KPI's Enterprises use to measure how an end user is consuming and experiencing an application, the interesting thing is that the QoE may not simply be the "time to display" a web page, it may include the time it takes to complete a database quary which interacts with backend systems.  An example might be where an end user hits a WebSphere front-end but the transaction takes place on a remote DB2 instance. 

Thank you, great presentaction

Thanks @Rodney, that's really helpful!

Answer - Ethernet as a framing type is deployable over nearly any and all L1 types of interconnect.  We see a great deal of Wireless (long haul) and short being deployed - for example in the financial sector to actaully lower latency.  

Good discussion. Well done. [email protected] DarrellM

@Rodney that makes sense.

The powerpoint was also very informative - thanks Rodney.

Answer: Cost of Interconnectivity - cost vary based on type and location, we encourage consumers to find a balance between $$/Mbps vs the Quality of Service required to meet end user Quality of Experience.  

@Rodney thanks so much for the excellent presentation today! Listeners - thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next Wednesday for The Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center !

Thanks another informative lecture?

@Rodney - here's another listener question: How does OTN technology map on your data center interconnection technology? else what is the L1 technology on which your ethernet/IP networks run?

Great one. Looking forward for next session.

QUESTION: What are the costs of interconnectivity, and are those expenses shared?

Thanks a lot Rodney, Kelsey, very interesting lecture. Best greetings to all

Great job and thank you


thnx for great presentation

Thank You Rodney & Kelsey for the excellent presentation!

@Rodney - Listener Q: 

On slide 2, could you elaborate a little more about the phrase "Quality of Experience matters"? It's shown as a new rule, and I'm not sure what it means.

I can't open the presentation file which in this live chat after  I download it.


Thanks. good talk and good questions from the discussion board.

Thank you everyone, and thank you for the feedback.  Please enjoy your day. 

Thank you Rodney ! Thank you everyone. Good info.

Ykes!!! I meant "Yet another good..."

Lots of good bits of information

data is moving off site more often.

Yet another goof presentation. Lots of good bits of information. Thanks Rodney E. and Kelsey Z.

Thanks for taking the time to spend with us Rodney


Thank you for the audio and slide presentation.

We are using open source as part of our virtualization strategy pretty well.

Hot in NY, too @klogan453. It's been like that all week. Did you just post that, or is this the chat acting odd?

How does OTN technology map on your data centre interconnection technology? else what is the L1 technology on which your ethernet/IP networks run?

What technology in general do you see as being gone in 5 years as it impacts data centers and interconnectivity?

I actually see remote data centers as a positive aspect -no need to touch and feel -especially in cases of DR.

what is best practice for data center security?

How do you ensure the six 9 availability that you hightlighted in the last slide?

Are you seeing more of an acceptance from the end customer that they don't need to be close to their data cneter? No need to physically tourch and see their "stuff" -

Network providers seem to be moving away from being data centers - how is that impacting customers? No big deal - it's just a change - or is it disrupting?

Where do you see OPCimpacting DC design and platform structures


I put my priorrity on security @GeogiaCougar0

@georgiacougar0: Open source code can be better searched for security shortfalls.

@GeorgiaCougar, that's a good question. We have a class coming up on that later in the month. 


Slide 8: Is Data Center infrastructure management centralized or run locally?

Coming up on Q&A shortly - get your questions for Rodney in!

security versus open source? Thoughts?

@Productd86057 interesting question!

What organization is driving SDN / security standards for the data center?

Using opensource for core, not so much for transport interconnectivity yet

Yes the increase demonstrated in the slide.

How well is your organization using open source as part of its virtualization strategy for Data Center Interconnect? Not well, moderately well, or very well?

Very open to open source as part of virtualization strategy.

In a Hybrid Cloud solution, connectivity from outside sources to a private cloud to enhance productivity will security concerns? How will this be addressed ?

How vulnerable are these clouds/data centers to solar flares?

Do you see thid density impacting performance longterm?

Coming up on time for more listener questions shortly...get your questions in!

Slide 7: little confused, network itself is the connectivity, right? so what does this visualisation convey?


can open your presentation pdf file


Audio has been great this time. I'm thinking there is some firewall some place limiting the users or limiting the bandwidth on the audio. Theory only

Connectivity is important in every type of Datacenter/Cloud. Is Fibre +SDN the preferred method of interconnectivity moving forward ?

(@jkiolbasa: audio good for me)

@jkiolbasa audio can be impacted by your broadband connection -- latency!

@Ariella they like to spin the wheel at odd times :)

@jkiolbasa audio is fine for me.

does anyone elses audio keep turning off?

@Kelsey - thanks for asking my question! @Rodney - thanks for answering my question! :-)

@Michelle chat monsters  pay visits when they want.

Biggest data center interconnect challenge involves, to my point of view, capacity and latency. (Security should be the greatest challenge, but it has been overlooked too often. Supposed skillset shortages make the news, but companies are not willing to pay to upgrade skills, so is it really a challenge if data centers don't want to engage it?)

poll response: distance/latency

chat is behaving a little strange today - working, but reposting all messages again. odd.

@welkim you really want to hedge your bets with 3 choices!

What is the biggest Data Center Interconnect challenge? Is the biggest challenge related to distance/latency, capacity limits, security, or skill sets/manual operations?

skillset , security, and transactional capacity


Overwhelming majority go for security, though a good number of them are adding skill set.

security is always top priority but closely followed by latency 

Complexity and difficulty/costs of patching

Poll: Security + skillset

is there strong demand for edge data centers? And if so, is it a challenge finding suitable locations?


@johnGordon ah, thta can be confusing.

(What the presenter refers to as slide 5 is actually page 6. I've been calling page 6 slide 6.)

Great questions everyone! I'll be asking Rodney a listener question in just a few minutes.

Slide 3: what is the aproximate composition of the 5TB data/person?


hope get something new info from this seminar

Is that a Gartner projection or other research entity? The billions of devices predictions vary from firm to firm...

on slide 3 is the 5TB per person work information or personal including videos/pictures etc?

@gneangodav8v - Just need vacation funding. :-)

When you reference Cloud, do you mean Public, private or Hybrid

@jlaing: downloading the presentation is the way

For those wondering - this is an audio presentation with slides (linked above), There will be no video

@jlaing slides are in the link above the live chat

FYI: Audio playback does work on mobile (iOS and Android)

Is visual via downloading the presentation, or is there Webex of some sort?

Audio can be impacted by our listeners broadband connection and also corporate firewalls. 

LightReading nees some additional bandwidth. Some participants seem to be having audio issues.

@gneangodav8v - Agreed. :-)

You can also try another browser, like IE or Firefox

I have audio on chrome...if you are having problems, try refreshing your browser or switching to a new browser. 

Sound is back for me, thanks.

(I have audio. Came up automatically.)

If you aren't hearing audio, try refreshing the browser. The audio player should automatically appear at top of the page. 

I also have zilch audio today


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Hello from Sao Paulo, Brazil...

@dfperson: You need to take more vacations and go to more places. You will find your best vacation place on this earth.

Mine is probably Puerto Rico!

hello from Bangalore/India... good afternoon!

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Favorite vacation spot: None of the places I've been so far....but, really interested in the Maldives.

Listening in from British Columbia, Canada, where it is sunny and cool (55ºF/13ºC)

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ga. its sweltering hot in NYC.

QUESTION: On slide 2, could you elaborate a little more about the phrase "Quality of Experience matters"? It's shown as a new rule, and I'm not sure what it means.

QUESTION: On slide 8, it says "customers are reimagining infrastructure." Are there infrastructure differences that would prevent or slow down interconnectivity? How are those differences rectified?

Question (repost): On slide 4, BA/Analytics is listed as top importance for CIO IT spending.


How are these positions being filled? Are universities supplying enough well-rounded analytics folks? What about certificate programs, any worthwhile programs delivering really great folks?

QUESTION: Would it be possible to obtain more specific information on the references on slide 3? Right now, it just says things like "Bain," which makes it hard to track the specific source material.

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Hi everyone, joining to learn more, have a good day

Just under 6 minutes to go. The audio will begin to play automatically at the start of the session.

very excited to hear Rodney speak today !!

Question: On slide 4, BA/Analytics is listed as top importance for CIO IT spending.

How are these positions being filled? Are universities supplying enough well-rounded analytics folks? What about certificate programs, any worthwhile programs delivering really great folks?

Hello from NYC! Boy, is it hot!!!!!

If you've had a chance to look over the slides (posted above), please feel to submit any questions before the session starts.

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Nice to be here with all of you

Hello to the latest early arrivals. Thanks for joining us here. Feel free to mingle and talk to the rest of the group :)

Hello! Looking forward to the presentation.

How's your week going? Ready for the weekend yet? Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Doing good. I think the weather will be less terrible today (below 100 for a change)

Doing well, just wishing it was a little less humid out! How about you @michelle?

It's almost time for the show. How is everyone doing today?

Good to see you all on the chat! The slides for this presentation are in the link above the live chat in the "Special Educational Materials" section.

hello everyone. interested to learn more about the key applications driving data centers to the edge today

Greetings & salutations all!

Hi there @Jeremy, @DEEH and @Michelle!

Welcome @Rodney! We're looking forward to your presentation!

Can't wait to join this discussion

The contdown clock has been activated lest you add the wrong time to your calendar! See you all shortly.

Looking forward to the discussion.

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Greetings to all the early arrivals for tomorrow's show! Hope to see you there.

Good to see so many of you on the chat board! Looking forward to this presentation and discussion tomorrow.

Getting pysched for this session!

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and hello from another NY'er


Happy to participate. looking forward for great learning experience

This looks like a great course - looking forward to it next week!

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hi how much is total cost for rol out data center such as equnix?

will be good event hope we get slides!

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