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Do you envision IPTV providers deploying enough new services for live TV (in the attemt to hold on to their customers), such as catch-up TV, to affect demand in metro data centers?

I think it is difficult to automate human resources. Of course, given the way technology is going, it's not out of the question that some will try. 

Thanks Phil, Excellent presentation and good view of where the industry is now and where it is going.

thanks phil fantastic presentation

75% of content locally

human brain power for $1k

great that archive is avail, 

Could you elaborate more next time on use of human resources in light of metro data centers, is goal always to automate as much processes as possible?

Thank you for the lecture.

Do you see a new type of OSS (Operation Support System) needed for the Edge Data Center?


How about the operation management of the Edge data center? 

thanks for the invite!

Thanks everyone for tuning in today! We'll see you next Wednesday for The Changing Face of the Data Center World with Rodney Elder, Equinix.

Thanks @Phill/Plawsonshanks for the excellent presentation!

Hoped to hear about the new DCI technology in your session, based on the title of the talk :) don't know whether I missed it somewhere!

Aprox: 70% of internet traffice is served from our Edge Data Centers


Cloud On-Ramps: These are "places" where Amazon and MSFT place high-speed network architecture and provision (and attached to) dedicated high speed network pipes to provide low hop (minimal network regeneration points) directly into their cloud platforms.

AWS = Direct Connect

MSFT = Express Route 


Thank you, Phill L and  Kelsey Z.

@Phill - Q: Is latency considered while designing a Data center?

We heard mostly about concerns about latency. Are the concerns about throughput and availability as important? To certain segments perhaps?

-- Brian Santo, Light Reading

@Kelsey - If I have questions regarding Updkill University how do I get a hold of you to ask my question?


Thanks Phill, Kelsey and classmates, very informative and clear. Have a nice weekend all of you

@Phill - Q: What is the allowable delay for Video content that would make the difference between Main Cloud-based Datacenters (Google,AWS,Azure...) and EDGE datacenters?

Thank you for this great lecture Phill! 

great talk Phill, thank you.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for the great discussion.

Your slides in the presentation were excellent Phil - thanks


Is the recovery possibility lessen when the cloud service going so big in vol and contain so many JUNKS data....

@Phill Listener Q: 

Slide 19: what exactly is Cloud on-Ramps?

thank you, great webinar


Interesting presentation!  Thank you

Great info. Thanks Phill and everyone! 

Thanks Phill, a very illustrated presentation, thanks!


Thank you...excellent session!

Thanks Phil for all the great information!

Great lecture, thanks Phill

Plans are in place to recover.  And grow more.

What kind of disaster recovery is available from Edge?

I'm thinking many of the future data centers will be in the cloud. Let some provider handle the air, ups, generator, server patch management.

Well done Phill... G Cornachini

On.lab actually with their Central Office rearchitected as Data Center

our data center is slightly behind its plan...

caching at the edge will it not increase OPEX?

you seems to be seperating the cloud to data centres...I understand that...but in reality, isnt the Data Centre(s) delivering the Cloud Services? 

Do you think the future telecom central offices will be data centers ?

What are the trends for the average power consumption for each occupant at the Edge service?

Great lecture today. Thank you Phill :)

Would water cooling more gentle on the earth

what sort of premium would customers be willing to pay for 'on demand bandwidth' ?


Great presentation!  Really appreciate how you incorporate societal implications of recent tech shifts.


does it mean SilverPeak and Akamai and Riverbed of these world will become more prominent in our DC strategy?

What are your thoughts on in rack in row cooling, wont fix outside weather. :/

I wish I could use this technology to mitigate weather - it's hot where I am! :)


What percentage of the Internet content is served locally via your typical Edge Data Centre?

BlueCoat Proxy that does same for us


great question mrobuck!

Latency is extreamly important. Right after Security in priority

It needs to make major changes to keep up

What is your take on the various open source efforts, especially for data centers and service providers?


Struggling to keep up with the changes

I use cloudflare for my personal site - great service

Phil - Have you ever done Radio broadcasting or do you have Podcasts to listen to?

Is latency consider while design a Data center?


need major organizational chgs

Yes, we are aggresively consolidating and simplifying our DC portfolio

Is your organization on track with its data center strategy or do you think it needs to make major changes to keep pace with the industry? 

Technology will necessitate major chamges

We need major changes to keep up. 

How important is end to end network orchestration, and is it available today? 

no idea, but I suppose it's behind. I work in academia.

Slide 19: what exactly is Cloud on-Ramps?


need to make major changes

it needs to make major changes to keep pace with the industry

Need to make major changes

Michelle excellent point there is still so little information provided to consumers regarding security of mobblie and smart tvs

@Michelle - good point - need more SPA's to assist non techies - I like that


@Faisal some of them already are using Dev/Ops but it's a slow road to change for others

*unpatched smart TVs and such

We all want "INSTANT" - what does that tell us about ourselves......I'm not sure

Enough Security is always a concern. And it's a moving target. 

I would like to see tech companies create useful public service announcements to help regular (non-techies) understand the risks of smart TVs and such. 

ss8079 we can only hope I still have cable boxes on my TVs its very clunky


Are service providers ready to take up DevOps today?

Why doesn't the cost drop and security improve, given that we have been using the Internet for so long and loading it up with more and more bits?

I like that: "digital immigrants"


Netflix does a much better job with the background buffering compared to Amazon these days (at least on Roku)

Cable? Are we moving off the cable to higher tech with lower cost?

speaking of Amazon video delay - I think videos perform worse on slower connections than with Netflix

Michelle true but so many are unaware of how vulnerable their smart tv is to security issues

Good one @Mrobuck! Coming up on Q&A in just a few minutes, start thinking about what you would like to ask Phill

Security is concern.


Costs of cable and satellite are driving everyone to seek alteratives for lower cost content with greater flexibility. The cablebox is the most antiquated technology.

Do think subscription OTT will win out over advertising based OTT?

smart TVs are vulnerable to attack when software is left unpatched while the machine is continued to access the internet

National still very true there are still issues with security for many smart TVs that have no solution today.

Ah yes, many Game of Thrones viewers!

so true Maryam (kinda surprising, however)

in the US we still need land lines for certain security systems and other integrated items in the home. Some companies still require a landline phone for work at home employees.

Hybrid is a great approach

Yes, but it is not enough, we need to do more

I agree, more about partnering with cloud companies than owning hosting companies. Moving to hybrid clouds

yes - but for security reasons blocking sites


since I work remotely, I think I'm on my own with regard to the poll question. I think that's going to become more prevalent

Do you think your organization is doing a sufficient job of provisioning for the occasional need for on-demand bandwidth? Or do you think it could do more?

I am also not using twitch today but I will lookinto it.

Yes they are doing a lot but as always, more can always be done.

No, our provider could do more


No, the organization is not doing sufficent for on deman provisionig


I am not using Twitch...I must be behind the times. However, it's hard to keep up with everything

Not me, I still like ESPN. 

How many of you on this chat are using TWITCH?


Watching video games is the new sports. 

IBM may stay.  They seem to be able to see a decade out.


I remember in the early '80's, I worked with DEC, IBM and the newly formed (now defunct) Sun Microsystems.  IBM announced that they would be moving out of hardward and focusing on services.  At the time, we all laughed.

I wonder if you can look at how Internet traffic is changing -- and combine it with where Internet services still need to be deployed -- to come up with the kinds of companies that will be in the S&P 500 by 2020

Is the percentage for the traffic type for US or worldwide on slide 12

Banks and financial firms, too.

Video is the main traffic


Would Edge Data Centers be a shared Resource or would each Company/Industry that share the same type of content put up each their own Edge Data centers at different Locations ?

What is the allowable delay for Video content that would make the difference between Main Cloud-based Datacenters (Google,AWS,Azure...) and EDGE datacenters ?

live video will begin to take over in the near term as will live streaming. Capacity will be an issue.

Many companies will be in the S&P in 20 20 that we haven't heard of the evolution is rapid. Many will also fall off.

Energy companies will remain on the S&P 500 in 2020.

It is incredible that so many of todays companies will be gone within such a short time table


What kinds of companies do you think will be in the S&P 500 by 2020? 

true kodak did fail because of its failure to adopt digital fast enough much like how blackberry disappeared becasue it did not fully embody the smartphone market.

Aren't these innovation cyclical? Someone will come around and eat your lunch at some point.

@Faisal - good example of the importance of continuing to re-think the business model

Vinly still feels like art for many tactile, tangible photographs, album liners the whole experieince of pessesion of the music.

kodak failed because it could not innovate

my family is made up of all audiophile enthusiasts...lots of vinyl here. 

I think that has a lot to do with how disposable music feels now. Time to bring back the scarcity, although I must admit it has been a lot easier to discover new artists these days. 

I think I am an "audiophile," not really a vinyl officiando, though.

Vinyl is now a have to have for all new music content, turntables were one of the hottest items at Amazon this past holiday season. Though most come with a digital download as well.

Any audiophile enthusiasts here?

@danielcawrey: it is about availability/convenience, not quality or quantity. :-)

Hyper connected and all we got was 140 characters...

i am on firefox and can hear

Hi, What slide are we on now?


Phil - many Traditional Data Center Providers i.e. Verizon / AT&T / Century Link are examining possibility of moving away from the physical data center to cloud and using another provider for the physical space - why do you think that is happening?

Audio is working on all browsers @MatSam and @Alanma. have you tried a different browser? Or perhaps try refreshing your browser

@MatSam try refreshing - F5

I'm NOT ready for my car to drive for me while I take a nap. 

No Audio on Chrome or IE ?


I must say, Phil has a nice voice. It's very calming.

Can folks hear the presentation yet?


Ha can you imagine where we'll be in five years?

Question for Phill L: What are the security implications when you interconnect Data Centers? Wouldn't it make it more vulnerable to intrusions/hackings?

Greattings George Cornachini

HOT here too @maryam in North Carolina!

@Anna. Wow! the beach! Nice!

Perfect weather in Sweden, listening to the course from the beach! :)

From Tlalnepantla, México. Cloudy and humid here

I am calling in from Reston VA with warm weather, good for summer


Denver - 84 and partly cloudy


AZ here 110+ temps today, perefect for webinar at a cool desk!!!


Hi, cloudy and rainy Seattle

Washinton DC.  Hot and Humid as always this time of year.

hi from Chicagoland! Hot and humid here


Dialing in from KC and it's HOT!!!!


Listening in from British Columbia, Canada, where it is sunny, breezy and cool (61ºF/16ºC)

I'm from Pune and the weather is awesome.

San Jose, CA Clear and nice


Good afternoon from GA. I have audio ! Woo Hoo !

hello from Bangalore, India!

Refreshing helped--thanks!

Ahhh!!! We have audio today. Yippeeeee!!!!

Good morning/afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Go ahead and download the slides from the link in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat. Be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards!

Good day everyone, nice to be here again

Slides for today's course are in the "Special Educational Materials" section located above the live chat window.

Hi All! Looking forward to hearing from Phil today!

Very good to see the telcos taking a page from the web 2.0 playbook. With things like Open Compute I feel Google, Facebook etc. have made it easy for telcos to get on board. 

Can't wait for todays lecture !!!

Hi @daniel and @LAronowitz!

Hello from the Baked Apple!

Hi everyone! Good to see you all on the chat board.

Good just before afternoon!

Good afternoon (or morning, or evening, depending where you are)

Hi @Plawsonshanks/Phill! Good to see you on the chat, we're looking forward to your presentation!

Looking forward to today;s session.

Looking forward to the session today


Doing good today. I'm ready for the weekend :D

Going well, how about yours @Michelle?

Greetings to all the early arrivals! How is your day going so far? Ready for the weekend?

Greetings & salutations all!

@Jared and @avaneeship Me, too, it's going to be a great session! Have you seen Phil's slides in the "Special Educational Materials" section? He has prepared an excellent presentation for us!

This event should be stellar.

Looking for insight into Open Networks and SDN. 

Hello look forward to this event.


Looking forward to this session!

will be good event to attend! Hoping for ppts too!

Hi @Stan and @Jared! Can't wait to hear from Phill, this is going to be a great session!

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