[email protected] 7/4/2016 | 7:02:48 AM
Investors will look at the share price... The share price (on Nasdaq) is down 19% this calendar year, having opened the year at $9.49 and currently standing at $7.68.

There is a lot of pressure on Vestberg, for sure (isn't there always?) and if things get to a point where the discussion is held at board level about the top team they will need to ask - is the strategy right? If so, is Vestberg the right person to execute that strategy?

Both difficult questions to answer but the facts right now are that the future of the world's comunications technology will hang around intelligent software running on high quality commodity hardware communicating with 'thing's over fiber and wireless connections, with video comprising the vast majority of traffic running over networks. Tech companies, to make money, will need armies of integration staff if theya re to be profitable. Ericsson has that army (and experience in professional services) as well as a leadership position in wireless, a much stronger position in software and a large video business. THis is not an accident.

Ericsson's board will need to decide which is the bigger risk - to continue with the current team that has undoubtedly adjusted to the changing market in the past few years or to hand the job of advancing Ericsson's position to a new CEO.

Big call....    
sowen557 7/4/2016 | 3:49:09 AM
Re: Chairman? Meanwhile over in Shenzhen, business continues to roll in. 
DanJones 7/1/2016 | 4:07:03 PM
Chairman? I've heard from 1 source that the chairman, Leif Valdemar Johansson, could be in the same boat, strictly a rumor at this point.
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